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Cyber Bullying.

Hello lovelies, today is a bit of a deep post...

It it 2.30am and I have just watched a film 'Cyberbully' and it hit me as I have been there through school and this girl tries to commit suicide through all the hate she is getting and shes just an ordinary lovely girl. I don't know if people understand the pain they cause people when they write just one nasty comment whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, A blog post, Twitter etc anywhere.

 This new site I am aware of 'Gossip Guru' why do people feel the need to write vile messages about people? Seriously do you know what you could do to a person? Would you like to be responsible for the death of someone, that is potentially what you could do. You may think its funny to make a sly remark about someones appearance or how they blog, write etc there is just no need. I am fully aware my grammar isn't the best, I may not be the best at spelling and my blog could be pretty darn awful but I enjoy it, I like what I write so I'm not going to stop because some anonymous person is making fun of me, one comment actually said I was orange? Maybe when I over do the fake tan yeah but seriously. If you are one of those people breaking someone else down and picking faults with people how would you like to be the victim of cyber bullying? Would you like to feel really low and crappy, feel like a freak and people making fun of you, I highly doubt it. I know a lot of people do have a joke but there is a massive difference from having a joke and a play with someone to actually bullying. Some of the comments I have seen on there are shocking and I'm not going to name the people being victimised by the cruel comments but some of them have been lovely blogging friends of mine with all amazing blogs and beautiful women! The only thing I can suggest is jealousy. We all get a bit of the green eyed monster from time to time but you have to let it go, I'm jealous of Michelle Keegans body but I wouldn't write all over Twitter 'I hate you, you skinny bitch'. I know full well the people hiding behind these computers would not ever have the balls to say any of those mean comments to someones face, or even show who they really are on the internet. I just don't know what goes through there minds to post mean things or what they get out of it. I made the mistake of using gay in the wrong context on Twitter a few weeks back and in no way shape or form am I homophobic but this girl made me out to be and I felt so bad for days thinking she or anyone could think that of me, I hated the fact I upset her at first then I realised she is the type of person to pick faults with people and loves an argument. That was posted all over her blog and went on Gossip Guru and she had the cheek to accuse me of posting about her. I would never bully anyone and I certainly wouldn't hide anonymously behind a key board giving people grief, if I have a problem with someone I prefer to talk to them and hopefully resolve the matter, not carry it on. Some people you can't forgive, or try with that's completely fine some people are just mean and make people's lives hell but they shouldn't. I just wish if people didn't like something they read, don't read it or block them. Or if you do have an issue speak up and tell the person don't be little them all over a net work site, which some people don't even read. I could retaliate and say these people are bums, sad, pathetic but it's not going to achieve much as they don't really care they will keep posting things because they can get away with it, they obviously don't have a heart to see the upset they cause and I'm sure I will be on there as soon as this goes up but being bullied and going through a lot worse in life its time I stood up to bullies, all the people that have been nasty to me in my life, I know I am better than them. It does not make you a BIG person to bully someone it does not make you POPULAR, it makes you stupid and mean. People who have also been bullied turn into bullies what is that going to solve? It turns into a vicious circle, be the better person and block that negativity from your brain, I know it is a lot easier said then done, look at all the poor innocent people that have committed suicide over cyber bullying! All these hatred sites should be shut down and there should be a lot more being done about people getting bullied over the internet.

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Everyone is different, we are all different races, different genders, some people are gay, some people are straight some people even like both, we all have different views on religion and were all different ages. It would be pretty boring if we was all the same right? Who has the right to judge or bully people based on their choices in life, what they do etc. If people focused more on their life than interfering and picking on others the world would be a much better place. There is also a difference between opinions and bullying, for example I hate drugs but if someone wants to do them that is completely their choice in life, it's non of my business I just hate them. I don't understand why people are racist or homophobic? We all have different skin tones, I am really pale some people are really tanned, I would love tanned skin! We all have the same colour blood, whether we are black, white, Chinese, Japanese, American, English, Irish, Scottish, Pakistani, Australian, Jamaican, straight, gay or bisexual you get the picture. It is a sad world we live in to get judged by the colour of our skin, the people we fall in love with or the people we have belief in. 

If you are one of those people writing a negative comment re-think your decision, would you like to receive the same message your sending? If you are going to write a nasty comment about someones blog why not just stop reading that blog if you think its so bad? The same on someones YouTube channel, stop watching it if it's not your cup of tea. People work hard on their blog and YouTube channel and you could really knock someone's confidence and make them want to stop doing something they love, some people can take the comments on the chin, others can't again were all different and we all have different pain pressures. 

Just be a better person and stop giving out negativity, you will find writing something nice about someone or to someone will make you feel better about yourself too. Go and make someone's day tomorrow and leave them a lovely message. I plan to make someone's day every day from now on as life is too short to be miserable and unhappy about stupid things and I am certainly not going to let an anonymous message get me down anymore, neither should you reading this if you have been through the same thing. 

If this helped in any way or you dislike this sort of post please let me know in the comments below, my next deep post is going to be about depression and dealing with it, if you would like to read about that please let me know also, if anyone is feeling down or has/is being cyber bullied please speak up and don't hide it, keep all the evidence and talk to someone. As always also if anyone wants to speak to me my email is in the side bar and I would love more than nothing to chat to you, I love meeting new friends and I have two shoulders free always.

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Keep Smiling.


  1. I completely agree with you. That movie really hit me hard the first time I watched it because I've been bullied in the past. Sometimes I wondered what those people would have done if the tables were turned on them and they got treated that way. People should try their best to build someone up instead of break them down, because you honestly never know what position they're in and what a nice comment could make them feel like. Karma will get the people who treat others bad. Nobody is perfect, so bullies shouldn't expect them to be their version of "normal" because everyone has something positive to give the world. Great post though! I love seeing bloggers speak up about things they're passionate about.

    Hope ♡ | http://www.beautyandbliss67.blogspot.com

    1. :) I'm glad you agree babe! I know nobody is perfect and we can't be happy all the time but there is no need for mean comments. It's such a sad film isn't it. I was crying loads lol, xxxx


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