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My first ever YouTube video, ahhh.

Hello lovelies, I have finally plucked up the courage and uploaded my first ever YouTube video if you couldn't already tell by the title, I have wanted to film one for so long but I am the most un confident person you could meet, I am anxious, the list is endless. I am a person who doesn't care what people think of me but does too if that makes any sense, well it makes sense to me so I'll just carry on, I know its not perfect, but practice makes perfect so without further a do please check out my first ever video! Hopefully my videos will get better in time and if I do learn to love filming videos I will be upgrading my camera for better quality etc.


I'd love to know your honest thoughts on it! Plus my brother helped me out editing and we are so unsure why it changed black and white?! We watched it over 3 times before uploading, hopefully the next one will be better. Thanks for everyone's support already it means so much to me, your angels and I loves ya xxx

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