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Hello lovelies, how rubbish has the weather been this week? Typical when the fella finally gets some time of work and me! We have been stuck what to do, but have loved family cuddles on the sofa watching movies and I love nothing more when its dark and gloomy outside to light some candles. The candle I am currently burning is this one, it smells so delicious and instantly brings me back to my youth of running down the road trying not to miss the ice cream van for a 69er, not what you're thinking, filth. There probably about £2 nowadays but nothing like an ice cream in the summer but are we getting summer this year? It just keeps raining lately, this candle will just have to do for me now and pretend its summer. You will want to eat this as soon as you smell it, its just gorgeous! I love these little tumbler candles as there in between the small and medium candle sizes, not too expensive and they burn for ages, as I like changing my scents up all the while this size is perfect for me and makes the whole of the living room smell amazing or any room i'm burning it in, I have a slight obsession with Yankee candles though and trying to get through my stash at the minute but I have the small jars dotted all over the house with the larger ones kept in the living room, Asda actually sell Yankee candles for the fraction of the price, my favorite scents are fresh, sweet, fruity and strong Christmas like scents for example cinnamon etc, mmm makes my nose happy aha.

Do you have a favorite Yankee Candle? 

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  1. I absolutely love Vanilla Cupcake, this its a popular favourite! x



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