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DIY Face Mask for Oily Skin.

Hello lovelies, I have decided to have a bit of DIY on my blog and help out with everyone's skin care well majority I am doing one for oily skin, dry and combination, firstly for oily skin. 

Strawberry Smoothie.


1 egg (you'll only need the egg white)
8 strawberries
A tablespoon of yoghurt
Lemon juice


Firstly crack your egg and put in a cup/jug just the egg white and whisk it till its all frothy.
Secondly mash all the strawberries up with a fork, I cut off all the green bits first and it does get rather messy.
Once you have done that pop the strawberries into the frothy egg white and add your spoonful of yogurt and squeeze in your lemon, just a few drops, you don't have to use a fresh lemon I just think its more beneficial. Once you have put all the ingredients together whisk those all together.

Once you have mixed all your ingredients together apply it onto your face, if it is too thin and watery add a little more yogurt that's what I had to do, once you have applied let it rest on your face for fifteen minutes, or longer if you're anything like me.

Then once it is all dried, wash of with warm water.

This face mask left my skin feeling so smooth and it did feel like it mattified my oiliest of areas, the egg in the mask tightened my skin and the strawberries made it smell yummy. I really hope those of you who try it, that it works for you and please tweet me your pictures! @Paigewallbank 


  1. at my mums house she has all of these ingredients, going to steal so I can make it haha xxx


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