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DIY Face Mask for Dry skin.

Hello lovelies, here is my second installment of the DIY face masks, today I have one for all you dry skinned beauties out there, I really hope this helps and I'm sure you have these ingredients amongst your cupboards already.

Oaty Goodness.


1 tablespoon of Oatmeal or if you haven't got that like I didn't, I just went with porridge oats, just as effective I thought.
1 tablespoon of yogurt 
1 tablespoon of honey
& 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (Try Olive oil if you haven't got coconut oil)


Pretty straight forward, just put all of your ingredients into a bowl and mix them all together.

Then once you have mixed up all your ingredients apply to your face and leave it for ten minutes, or until its dry. 

My skin felt so soft and lovely after this mask, I got it off with warm water and cleansed my skin thoroughly then finished of with a serum and moisturiser, I hope you try this out and love it! Please let me know in the comments below if you give it a try.

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