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What's On My Nails Wednesday #7

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a gorgeous bright lime number...

OPI Mini Rock Goddess - Stand in lime for days

Apologies for my nails, this week was a bit of a rush and I went to bed last night thinking they were dry and this happened... Damn. But how gorgeous is this lime? I'm not one for loving greens but I do like lime shades, its not too bright and it's not too dark, its just right a slight yellowy tone to it also. I think this is a gorgeous shade for Summer and perfect if your of on your jollies, this would look perfect next to a glass of margarita with ice. Ok, now I want to go on holiday and sip cocktails, but for those who are stuck in Britain with rubbish weather there's always home made cocktails and dreaming. I got this mini in a Rock Goddess set and I couldn't tell you where from sorry as my boyfriend bought it me for my birthday last year, have you ever tried OPI mini's? 


  1. Love this colour babe. I need to get me some OPI. xx

  2. Love this colour! I wouldn't have thought of using this colour but it looks so great!!!



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