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Have you discovered? - Eyeliner

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a gel eyeliner, I haven't seen this floating around the blogoshpere yet so here is my 'have you discovered' product.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Black shock gel eyeliner £8.99

This product is now a staple in my make up bag! It is the most easiest and quickest eyeliner to apply and it doesn't budge for no one, it takes a good rub with the cleansers/micellar waters to get this bad boy off, so its perfect for you party animals or business busy people out all day in no time for touch ups. It comes in a twisty lid, then once the lid is removed is had a twisty bottom that gets the product out of this silicone sort of rubber applicator on the end with a slit, after looking at the new benefit eyeliner this looks so similar! For first time users you need to twist the bottom as it clicks about ten times until the product comes out then after that just once as it comes out quite quickly, it is very soft and I can apply this with just one hand quickly over my lids, perfect for YouTubers aha. It is quite an intense black as it says on the packaging 'black shock' but if you apply it as gently as you can you can get away with wearing it the day time if your not as daring with eyeliner, also if your a beginner as liquid eyeliner a good tip is to do dot to dot on the top of your eyelid then join them all up to form a straight line. I couldn't recommend this product enough to you all and its 3 for 2 on at boots so go grab one quick, also a lot cheaper than the benefit version. 

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