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New Year Fresh Start Bull$%^*

Hello lovelies, so same mantra hopefully not same BS.

I really want to make an effort of coming back to my blog and making a go of it in the new year. Get Christmas out the way, all the craziness it brings, wrapping, spending lots of money and eating allll of the food.

But my Instagram got hacked recently and I was so upset Saturday, actually sobbing but not just because of that. It has been a whirlwind of emotions, I've just found out my half sister is terminally ill with cancer so in retrospect my Instagram account of 11/12 years being lost of all my amazing memories is nothing because she only has two years they're predicting of making any memories at all. I am so sad for her and my dad as they are each others rock. She has lost her son, her husband, her mother and her dog all in one year during covid. I mean how shit?! She is so strong and brave, all of that alone would have ruined me, but she keeps soldiering on. She's making a bucket list and although we've never been close growing up, I'm going to make damn sure her last couple of years of life are going to be bloody amazing!

It's really gave me a reality check and although I know life's short and you should always make the most of it. This little part of the internet is why I started blogging. To make amazing memories and share it with the world. Along with crafts, beauty, toy reviews and more!

So, I hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. I'll be back in the new year, a fresh start!

All the best Paige x