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Elegant Touch Express 3 Minute Manicure Neon Roses £7.99*

Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you an express what's on my nails this week, Elegant touch very kindly sent me some samples of their new releases for the summer how gorgeous are these? I fell in love with the Neon roses first so had to try those out. 


I can't believe my baby is two already!? Time really does fly when you're having fun, you blink and they're toddlers, then preschoolers before I know it I will have a pair of teenagers, ahh scary! Lawson has brought so much joy to our lives, he is the sweetest gentle little boy, very very placid and cautious. He can be a little savage at times too but he is an angel 90% of the time. 


Hello lovelies, today I have for you some prints from Printiki, I love having a photo to hand because everything is online these days but its so nostalgic looking through photo albums its nice to have photos to hand as well as looking online plus some grand parents and parents don't have the internet so it's nice for them when they visit to look through the photos too. 

I have a local print shop in town but it's expensive when you want to get quite a lot done, I find on Printiki it's really affordable and I prefer this retro style print like it's just come straight out of a polaroid. The quality is amazing too especially as most of them have come straight from my Instagram profile. 

I'm trying to dedicate each year to a scrapbook, we do so much with the kids on a weekend as Dan works Monday to Friday away so it's nice to document what we've done and look back on it, again I do share a lot on my blog and social media but it makes it more special having a little book full of memories, I also washi tape in cinema tickets or little tickets from where we have been and write in little messages. I've just roughly put in the photo's on the page to show you the quality but what I like to do is do a month a page or two pages if it's been a busy one and just put some snaps in there from that day, I might do a Youtube video of our family scrapbook or share it with you on my Instagram stories, Printiki also have Instagram where they show how people share the photos. 

Other places I share my photo's is a wall upstairs in the play room, I love it so much it's a great vocal point for when people come round also and makes me happy every time we go upstairs, if you have a look on Pinterest also they have great ideas on how you can store your photo's. I'm really impressed with the quality of the prints, I chose the matte effect but you could go with the glossy version if that's what you prefer, they also sell posters and photo books and the prints in different sizes to suit you. A great service and I will be continuing to use them to fill up my photo wall and scrapbook! 20 prints are just £4.50 and if you wanted to add 10 more its just an extra £2 when I was using my local shop it was costing me way over £20 for a small amount of prints so I'm going to save myself a lot of money in the future. I was very kindly given 30 free prints of the retro 4x4 or my review purpose but all opinions are my own.