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Hello lovelies, I don't know if you remember but back in 2015 I used to do a 'What's on my nails wednesdays' I'm bringing that back, I had to scroll through it all and see what number I got up to so back with a bang at number 46! We have these gorgeous shades from Leighton Denny perfect for spring.

I am obsessed with changing my colour on my nails at the minute, I went through a year of getting false nails at the salon I think that's why this series died down but they made my nails so bad so I've not gone back, I had a year detox and my nails are finally starting to feel a bit more normal, but I can't stand bare nails or chipped nails so to spur me on I thought I would bring this series back, plus who doesn't love new nail polishes?

I was very kindly sent these two gorgeous purple shades, my favourite being 'Whatever' the muted lilac shade, if lilac was apart of the nude family this shade would be it, I painted this on nearly all of my nails then placed 'Dress to impress' on the accent nail this is gorgeous shade of purple that makes the nails stand out. 

I wore these nails for a good 4 days without chipping, although one coat was sufficient I went in with two coats to make it more opaque, I never really wore purple on my nails before but loved this little duo. I hadn't tried Leighton Denny before but was very happy with the quality and love the simple sleek packaging.

Have you tried Leighton Denny nail polishes? If so what's your favourite shade?

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