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Hello lovelies, I was curious to know why people actually blog so I asked #Thegirlgang (Created by a lovely friend of mine Jemma) ladies why they blog to see why and I thought I would share with you also why I blogged and how it all started.

Ok so I was on maternity leave very very bored and my friend at the time was a blogger, I'd never heard of a blogger but was very intrigued she showed me hers and told me lots about it and I was hooked, sign me up! She helped me out loads and set me up and I've been addicted ever since. I first started blogging to bust the boredom and share with the internet my love of make up products, before getting pregnant I was a party girl out every weekend always having a new outfit to sport on a Friday night but as I was becoming a mother and much larger my love of clothes went to makeup, I was addicted to buying new releases, constantly checking my local boots for new releases and looking forward to sharing it with my readers. 

Then once I gave birth to Oscar I wanted to start documenting his life and more of mine and Dans life, days out etc so it became a beauty and life blog then I added recipes, diy, outfit posts so I haven't really got a genre on my blog but for me my blog has become my online diary to look back on of how my gorgeous boys have grew up, our extension plans now we've bought our house and all future adventures with of course still beauty and fashion bits. I would also like to cover more on mental health on my blog, I had a tough time growing up and it has affected me massively growing up with depression and anxiety so when I am ready I'd love to go into more of that but for now I'm really happy with my little space and the kids are more than thrilled to get sent amazing toys to review on my blog and youtube channel! Now to ask the bloggers why they blog....

Laura Davies I blog as I wanted to share my story as a young parent, challenge stereotypes and record our family memories. 

Nicole Woodward I share my battles, stories, experiences and advice to educate, support and smash the stigma around mental health. abeautifulchaos.co.uk

Tessa Salt I started blogging just because I always loved sharing my outfits, I was on lookbook.nu for years so it was kind of a natural progression to start posting on my own blog! It gives me more freedom with sharing photos and video content which I love! www.tessaholly.com

Saffron Amy-Rose Watson I originally started blogging as a creative outlet as I've always had a love for writing. I had quite a long blogging break and was struggling with stress and my mental health at university, so I decided to start writing about my experiences. I fell in love with blogging again. saffronwatson.co.uk

Holly Brooks I started blogging as a side project to go alongside my YouTube channel - it's now become a place for me to share my thoughts and experiences and to help end some of the sigma surrounding mental health issues  www.hollystockport.co.uk

Llinos Mai Thomas I blog to record my daily life and hopefully to inspire others to be creative thelilaclinnet.com

Kate Roberts I started blogging because I love writing and photography I've continued to blog because I love the blogging community & all the new friends I've made πŸ˜„ www.kateiscoveting.wordpress.com

Sara Ali I blog because it gives me a voice. I blog because it helps me unwind and works as a stress reliever. I blog because I love myself and my life and I want to write about it. Maybe in some corner of the world my bright and beautiful blog can bring a smile on someone's face! Most importantly I blog because I love it and it gives me happiness πŸ’–

Natasha Kendall It's an outlet and a fun hobby for me and also helps with future jobs. (Natashakendall.com)

Jillian Acchione Waun Blogging is my mode of self-expression. It gets me up in the morning and allows me to create the things I love! Putting myself on a public platform such as my blog or Instagram has also increased my confidence and communication skills. Even though I have a small fan base, it's still amazing to hear their comments and be around people with my same interests! http://www.justgigi.com

Nofar Natalie I blog because its a good way to stay connected with my friends and family when I travel. Also because its a good way to get my stories out and share my experiences with others. 

Nishi V-mua I blog because it's a great outlet, the perfect way of sharing my tips, tricks and finds with my audience and because I love having my own little corner on the internet. It gives me another platform to expand on things I may have mentioned in my videos in depth and most of all I love being part of the blogging community!

Leanne Marshall I blog because I trained as a beauty therapist and no longer work in the beauty industry therefore want to keep up to date with my beauty knowledge. I went to work at my family business!

Krista Germanis I blog because I love dating, but unlike Taylor Swift I can't carry a tune, so I share my feelings with my readers instead!

Tarnya Renkel I started blogging as a creative outlet from my mundane job and it soon turned into a huge passion! Wish I'd started years ago now! ☺️

Kat Last I blog so that I have a place to talk about my travels and adventures!  http://www.katlast.com

Sarah + Laura‏ @SarahplusLaura To keep track and share all the amazing (and not so amazing) things that we see and do ☺πŸ’—πŸŒπŸ›« (

I'd love to know in the comments why you blog and why you even started a blog?

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