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Hello lovelies, I thought I would share with you a handful of my pretty pink lipsticks, you wouldn't believe it but I actually gave a lot of my pink lipsticks away to friends and family but I still have a little thing for pale pink lipsticks, they're close to the nude family maybe thats why I love them so much?

I didn't intend for them all to be on the high end spectrum as I have tons of highstreet lip products but these are the only baby pink lipsticks I own now and they are gorgeous, well worth the extra pennies.

Clinique in Cake pop - This is such a gorgeous nude/pink shade that goes well with so many make up looks, it goes on with the doufer applicator in a liquid form but then dries matte almost instantly but ti doesn't cling to dry areas and actually feels quite nourishing on the lips.

Clarins in Rose Shimmer - This is a natural lip perfector, so its just to enhance your natural lip colour really and give it a little something, I love this for natural days, a bit of mascara, eye brows and this and it looks like I haven't got any make up on but still looking half decent, it has a lipgloss consistency but not sticky like most, it goes on so smoothly and looks gorgeous with a natural look or a full going out out one. 

Mac in Angel - This is one of the Mac frost lipsticks, I find the frost lipsticks don't last as long as the others on the lips but it is such a gorgeous shade, I was even thinking of having this as my wedding lip shade but I have no idea how I'm having my make up yet so we shall see.

Joan Collins in Bella* - I was very kindly given this the other week and I have had so many compliments on it when I wear it, my friend insists I give it to her or at least buy her one for her birthday, it has the gorgeous gold packaging and lovely consistency to it, it lasts around 2-3 hours on the lips and a pretty accessory in your handbag to top up with. 

I would highly recommend all these lipsticks for you all though, they are so beautiful and a baby pink lip is so versatile I think you can pretty much wear it with anything.

Do you have any baby pink lipstick recommendations I should know about?


  1. MAC Angel is one of my all time favourites! xx



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