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Hello lovelies, today I have for you some pretty spring lipstick picks for you all, I don't know about you but the brighter longer days and the warmth in the air makes me want to put a bit more of colour on my face, don't get me wrong I'm still over wearing my nude lipsticks but I think its time to add some more colour to myself, here are my favourite spring lip colours.

Max Factor Intensifying Lip Balm in Charming Coral £8.99 - Ok so I don't remember paying nearly £9 for this, it must of been on offer because although I like this a lot I wouldn't pay £9 for it, just saying. Although it is such a pretty sheer coral shade and it feels like its doing your lips some good and it looks pretty with any make up look you're going for that day.

Seventeen Mirror Shine in Beehive £4.79 - Another sheer lipstick but beautiful peachy nude super affordable and wears lovely on the lips, I'm sure Lily Melrose is a super fan of this lipstick too. 

Mac Frost in Angel £16.50 - Wow have Mac gone up a bloody gain? Anyway, this is a gorgeous pinky nude, see I haven't stepped away from the nudes just yet! This has a bit more colour to it though and is super pretty. 

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Lodhi £20 - I absolutely love the Nars satin lip pencils, they last for ages on the lips and they are so easy to apply with as its like colouring in your lips with a crayon, this colour is just gorgeous too isn't it?

Revlon Ultra Hd in Flirtation £8.99 - I lvoe the formula of these lip products and they smell gorgeous,   this is a beautiful pinky coral shade and it lasts quite a while on the lips, although its a matte finish it doesn't dry the lips at all. 

Charlotte Tilbury in Coachella Coral £24 - This was the first Charlotte Tilbury purchase I ever made, I love a coral and this stuck out to me as soon as I swatched it so I had to have it, its so stunning and the packaging.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in Rosy Coral £27 - Ok I must of bought this when I only had one child for a real good treat because I can't remember the last time I purchased a lipstick at that price haha, saying that though the colour is gorgeous and again the packaging! I don't get enough use out of this though so I think its about bloody time for that price. 

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Cannes Crush £8.99 - For some reason I can't find these anywhere other than amazon? Did something happen haha? I love this shade anyhow, gorgeous coral, can you tell I like coral yet? It lasts for a good while on the lips too so winning all around. 

What are your favourite spring lip shades? 


  1. I need some more Coral shades in my life! I love MAC Angel. Great picks! xx


    1. Thank you lovely :) I need more coral haha xx

  2. Some really pretty shades there, I really like the look of NARS Lodhi x

    1. Thank honey, I think it would look gorgeous on you xx


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