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Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation in the shade Ivory £8.99

Hello lovelies, please excuse my bare face especially if you've just eaten, apologies! It has been a very long while since I did a 'bad' review on my blog but I had to share my disappointment with this product sadly. Obviously we all have different opinions and skin types so don't shoot me for having an opinion but this foundation just did nothing for me what so ever!

'Flawless nude' - Nude yes, flawless? Erm bull****, I think you have to have flawless skin to pull this foundation off personally! It latched on to all my dry areas and blemishes even with moisturiser and primer applied first. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it with just primer, just moisturiser and nothing at all but it just didn't sit nicely on my face at all! 

I only picked it up because it was on offer in boots and I loved the packaging, I don't like the wand thing that comes inside the bottle, this is purely just so you can add a couple of drops to fill your whole face but I much prefer pumps. I also got the lightest shade and I think it is still quite orange on me, the joys of being super pale. Maybe if I had no blemishes what so ever and I needed a product that just made me look a bit more awake and not ill then this could work but other than that I couldn't personally. It doesn't hide much at all, it felt quite smooth on the skin and finished to a satin like texture and it smells quite nice but that is the only pro's for me.

To be quite honest there actually isn't a Maybelline foundation I have got a long with apart from their BB cream, maybe the formulas just don't agree with my skin type, no idea. This does remind me a bit of a liquid form of the dream matte moose they did, that had to be the worst foundation going. I remember my friend using it for school and her applying it to my face, by the end of the day I would have patches of orange places all clinged to my dry areas, not good at all, no wonder I didn't have much look with boys through school aha. 

All I would say is if you have amazing skin and you like a very light coverage then maybe this could work for you but if like me you like hiding your blemishes, dark circles and freckles then I wouldn't purchase this.

Did you get on with this foundation or loathe it as much as I did?


T-Shirt 'I'm not cute, I'm awesome' - Asda
Hoodie - Next
Jeans - Peacocks
Sneakers - H&M

Hello lovelies, it's been a while since Oscar did a little outfit post so as we were in the garden the other day and the weather was nice, we had just got back from the park and shouting PIZZA as we walked past Greggs I thought what a perfect opportunity to snap some pictures of him. These are his favourite boots he calls them, I usually let him pick between a few options of clothes and say get your shoes and see what he ends up getting out of the big green box, it's always a pleasant surprise. 

My nan actually bought this shirt for him from a shopping trip she had been on, she said it was really cheap, cheap and cheerful is always good for park/garden days. I love this Next hoodie it practically goes with any outfit, washes lovely and just looks really comfy and the jeans although they look very tight to him they are actually quite stretchy and he can run around in them pretty well. 

As you can see he is a multi tasker, not like any man I know... Raking the leaves up AND eating pizza? I couldn't not add the surprised face look on the slide either it makes me laugh every time I look at it aha. Hopefully next time I decide to take another ootd though he won't have pizza smeared all over his face and I'll plan it a little more in advance, but if you have a toddler you know they never look perfect right? He has also had his mop cut since, thank the lord. 

What do you think to Oscar's grey ootd?



'I'm Alice, otherwise known as Mouse - a 27 year old blogger from London. By day I work in Online Advertising and by night I fill these pages with my ramblings on beauty, fashion and my life and adventures. My space on the internet, Tea Party With Alice, started as a beauty blog in 2013 but has slowly developed into a blog that documents my lifestyle too. As well as featuring my favourite beauty finds, I also share my love for shabby chic decor, my style and all the places I've been.'

Alice blog is absolutely stunning, from her photography to her content! If your new to her blog you could literally get lost in it all, when I first stumbled across Alice's blog a while back I read the first page and within minutes I fell in love and kept pressing the 'older posts' button and soon became a great night time read, so make sure you have a cuppa ready. She has a great range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts and all her decor posts are very inspirational too. I also love Alice layout and how easy it is to read, pretty pastels and her photography is beautiful throughout.  I was very very jealous after reading this post - treetops and beach huts, as a child, I don't know if it was just me but I always dreamt of an amazing tree house, this looks like the total dream tree house and it looked amazing inside! Go check out Alice blog if you have never had the pleasure of seeing it before, I believe you will be hitting the follow button before you leave!

You can also find Alice on Twitter here - https://twitter.com/tpartywithalice


'I started London Beauty Queen from the comfort of my living room in April 2010, filling a boring day with something a bit different. Little did I know that it would grow to become one of the most respected and successful beauty blogs in the UK, nor that it would become my full time job in the summer of 2013. My main point of difference is that I've worked on 'the other side' and know how the development process works, as well as the tricks that marketers employ to get you to part with cash. My honesty often gets me into trouble, but it also means I don't beat around the bush - I'm not scared to say that hyped-up product is actually a load of rubbish. I love to delve beneath the surface of beauty and tackle 'the science bit', explaining everything from why sulphates and mineral oil aren't that great for you, to how you should should be applying Touche Eclat. I hope you enjoy having a look around what is essentially my brain dumped onto a computer screen...' 

I absolutely love Hayley's blog, I am always straight on her page when she has uploaded a new post which is daily with even more than one post most of the time, you can never be bombarded with too much beauty and Hayley's blog is the blog I go to when I need new info on something or a recent product on the market, she also shares great tips and hints to do with blogging and goes into plenty of detail without boring your socks off! She also has a bit of controversial posts thrown into the mix which I love being opinionated myself and love reading others views on different topics, this one being one of many on 'how brands do controversial' themselves! She has dupes, hauls, new releases, favourites, make up, skin, body and hair posts with even health posts too! Again if you have never looked on Hayleys blog I am sure you will be hitting the follow button and will have you reading her blog for hours. She seems like such a lovely down to earth girl on Twitter too after having a few chats on there with her, if you need advice this is the best blogger to go to in my eyes. 

You can find Hayley on Twitter here - https://twitter.com/LBQblog


I am very lucky to know this girl personally in real life as well as internet life, I followed Chloe's blog before I knew her though and loved it beforehand but after knowing the girl behind the blog it made me love her blog even more as I know it is true to her and personal. I adore her style posts the most, girl has sass and her lifestyle posts she also throws beauty in the mix with some great reviews, hauls or recommendations. She looks stunning in her most recent outfit post here! I am loving the florals and wish I could pull of that gorgeous two piece, maybe after loosing a lot of weight after baby number two I could pull it off. Chloe's layout is simple yet chic and easy on the eye, you can find everything you need in one swipe and her content has all the information you need without the overload, go check her blog out you won't regret it.

You can also find Chloe on Twitter here - https://twitter.com/unwrittenchloee


Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you my top 5 brow products, I still haven't mastered the most amazing brows or have 'brows that are on fleek', whatever the hell that's supposed to mean anyway... But I have been experimenting and think I am slowly getting better and these products have helped me, whether they are 2 minute wonders for quick and on the go or to get the most precise brow going and for all budgets. Maybe theres some products in here that you will love too.

Illamasqua Brow Cake in Thunder - This has to be by far my favourite brow product from the bunch, its a good bunch but nothing could top this! When the lady at Illamasqua transformed my brows just using this product I knew I had to buy it there and then, I haven't looked back since. It is well worth the money, comes with a handy little mirror if you're getting ready on the go or for touch ups (not that you will ever need to touch up with this) and it just makes your brows look amazing! I use this with an angled brush to get a really precise sharp look to my brows then fill them in delicately near the front and more opaque near the ends for a more defined brow, if I lost all my make up I would be sure to have this in my collection pronto, I don't know what I would do without it now.

Make Up Revolution Ultra Aqua Brow Tint in Dark Brown* - Super affordable Make Up revolution have a great product for brows, simple packaging yet sleek and great size to fit in your make up bag. Although it looks quite scarily dark you can have this as sheer as you like or build it up to a darker shade, it just depends on the brow look your after. It goes on quite wet but dries quickly and sets perfectly where it needs to be, I tend to use this product when I have more time on my hands. I squirt a little bit of this on my hand then use my arched eye brow brush to apply, this looks very natural on and just gives you your eye brows a new lease of life, can you remember what we looked like without brow make-up?!

Mememe Arch Angel in Medium Brown* - I love this brow product when I am in a rush, I just quickly comb through my brows for a natural look just to give them a bit of colour as it looks like I have none with no product. I also love how this handy duo comes with a highlighter so you can really emphasise your brows to be as dramatic as you like or natural. I also love their packaging, how cute are the little swirls, this is a perfect product for on the go or for you lot out there who just don't have time to faff with your brows and brow newbies!

Soap And Glory Archery Brow tint and precision shaping pencil in Brownie points - Another one of my favourites, I was late to the party with this product but after many good reviews I knew I had to have it, I'm so glad I did finally get it, it has everything you need! A pencil to get your brows in tip top shape then a felt tip end to fill them in for a more natural look. I am not a massive fan of pencil brows so I like that I can pencil on the end of my brow to give it a more defined look yet make them still look natural with the felt tip end. You really can create the perfect arch with this product, it is affordable and a handy product to have in your make up bag especially if you forgot your eye brow brush.

Rimmel Brow this way in Medium Blonde - Again like the Mememe eye brow wand this is amazing for those quick mornings where you haven't got time to brush your hair let alone your brows! So a quick brush through with this it brings my brows to life and strangely medium blonde is the perfect shade for my brows although I like to make them quite dark. These really are perfect if your new to brows and don't even know what to do, you just brush this through your natural hairs to create the look your after, the only thing with these wand brow products I wouldn't say there the best if you haven't got much brow to work with, you know who I'm talking about over pluckers! But perfect if your have a natural bushy brow like Cara or just standard brows like myself.

What are your favourite brow products?


Rimmel Sweet Heart Matte in You're Mine £ 3.99

Hello lovelies, as if I have done 40 nail posts since I started! That has gone so fast, since I stopped getting my nails done at the salon my nails have become a lot stronger and I have been able to get through my ever growing nail varnish collection, also doing these posts have helped me try all my polishes out rather than them just standing on my stand looking all pretty.

This nail polish is such a gorgeous shade but it doesn't last long at all I'm afraid guys! Obviously if you have a matte top coat it may last a little longer but I couldn't find mine before our trip to London and by the morning it had all chipped mostly! Was really disappointed as I put about three coats on alone as the formula was quite tricky to get right on the nails, I was finally happy with it on the third layer then it all chips. Least I know to stay clear of these in the future and will give this polish to a friend or family, if your just wearing it for the day its perfect and its such a pretty shade but if your not someone who paints their nails daily (who has time for that) then I wouldn't bother spending your pennies on it, personal preference.

The packaging is really sweet too and the pastel shades are all gorgeous so the only downfall is the lasting power but if you loved the shade and wasn't too fussed about it being matte you could always just use a normal top coat and wear it, this peachy pink is beautiful, ideal for spring and would look gorgeous for wedding nails or a christening I think.

Have you tried Rimmel's sweet heart matte range?


Hello lovelies, so on Thursday I popped into Boots purely just to try out the new L'Oreal foundation but as I walked in I saw '3 for 2 on all make-up' this brings me joy aha! So I thought sod it I will pick up a few more bits whilst I'm there, like is there a limit to how many lipsticks you own? Of-course not. So I got this...

L'Oreal Infallible 24HR Matte foundation £6.99 in the shade Vanilla - I was umming and arring about picking this foundation up as although I have an oily t-zone and do usually go for quite a matte finish I thought it might be a bit too matte and look cakey on my skin but after reading a lot of good reviews and swatching the formula on my hand I thought it might be alright so look out for a review soon!

Rimmel Soft Khol Kajal eye liner pencil £2.99 in the shade Pure White - After getting a make over done at the Mac store not long ago the lovely make up artist used a white on my water line and I was so surprised how bright it really made my eyes, I have toyed around with white before and it hadn't done anything for me but I will continue to play around with it till I get the look I like as I think it really makes the white in your eyes sparkle.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque £8.99 in the shade Babe Idole - I believe these are brand new to the Bourjois range and after swatching the nudes and brights I preferred this one the most, my nudes are getting a bit out of control at the minute so I thought I would get a pretty pink ready for spring. They claim to hydrate your lips for 10 hours and not go anywhere, I'll be the judge of that Bourjois. 

Maybelline Color Sensational £6.99 in the shade Peach Poppy - Another pretty colour I thought would look great ready for spring and I am a huge fan of these lipsticks already, I think this is their new range 'rebel' ones, don't quote me on that though but I just fell in love when I swatched it and had to have it in my collection. 

Rimmel Sweetie Heart I love matte £3.99 nail varnish in the shade You're Mine - I was after some more brighter colours for spring and summer but this gorgeous pale pink really grabbed me, it looks really similar to Essie fiji and I will have to do a comparison and I am interested to see how it looks matte.

Rimmel Rita Ora 60 Seconds super shine £2.99 nail varnish in the shade Glaston-berry - Like I said above I was after some more brighter shades for spring/summer, I probably have a nail varnish similar to this shade but I loved it, I love Rita Ora's new range packaging too and have my eye on peachella but they didn't have that shade in my local store, I'm looking forward to featuring this in an upcoming 'What's on my nails Wednesdays'. 

Have you been taking advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 offer? 


Hello lovelies, I thought I would do a bit of a different post today, maybe this will help you, maybe it won't or maybe you could help me if your in a similar situation, then feel free to comment below with your suggestions, here's mine.

From the day I found out I was pregnant, I was very overwhelmed, scared and really didn't have a clue what I wanted to do, also what was going on through my mind was how could I possibly love another baby as much as I already do now? Would Oscar be my favourite? From hearing from other mums and friends who have more than one child this is nonsense and they say as soon as you give birth the love just comes all at once. After a lot of discussions with my partner and him reassuring me everything will be ok we decided to tell the family. I didn't think Oscar would understand at all when I told him Mummy was having a baby but I kept showing him my belly and trying to explain, he now points at my belly all the time and says baby, he kisses bump and cuddles it every night before he goes to bed and whilst we bathe together, he's the sweetest!

My suggestions to other mums who are expecting is to keep telling your child so they understand, show them books of babies then point to your tummy. Try telling your little one that he was once in there, get them excited too and explain to them about sharing toys, helping you etc. You could go and visit friends or family who have a new born and try explaining to your little one that you will also have one of those soon, do they have babies at the pre school your child attends to? I have been really lucky that my son does and heard he helps give them drinks, strokes their head and crawls around with them, is this making your heart melt as much as mine?

How about going shopping for the baby and asking your little one for his/her input, for example your looking at  t-shirt's and say 'Will baby like this one, or this one?' the same with toys, blankets and things. Try not to stress too much, I really want my son out of nappies fully by the time baby comes mostly as he will be starting nursery soon but also to keep costs down but I am certainly not going to rush him into anything he is not ready for so nor should you. Oscar is doing so well in the day time with his potty and even takes it to the toilet and empties it! But once he has a pull up he just doesn't realise and won't tell me when he needs to go, even with me asking him a million times that day 'do you need to pee' aha. It all comes when they are ready and every child develops differently, so try not to worry about it.

Spend as much quality time with your little one whilst you have it, I am so worried Oscar is going to feel left out when the baby arrives and as you know it is very tiring when you only have a few weeks left in pregnancy all you want to do is relax, that is obviously no option you have with a two year old so do light exercise with them, baking, drawing, playing with their toys etc and just show them how much you love them. My mum has also been having fun 'sleepovers' with Oscar recently as she thinks this will be a good idea for help in the future if we need a break which I think is a fantastic idea, if you have close family or friends willing to help you, make sure you take up the offer, you can never have too much help and it's better to start early as it can be very overwhelming at short notice I imagine and Oscar never sleeps at anyone else house so this is great preparation.

If you would like any more posts similar to this with toddlers and babies let me know, it was nice to do something a little different on my blog and I want to do more parenting type posts on here and will be a lot of baby overload when baby is finally here! Again if you have any tips then please don't hesitate to pop them below, I look forward to them! x


Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Cotton £3.99 & Loreal Color Riche in Sequin Explosion £4.99 

Hello lovelies, after seeing the gorgeous Kate over at Ghostparties sport a gorgeous white and gold number on her Instagram a few days ago I was craving to get some white on mine! I do find white the hardest nail varnish to pull off as it just looks messy to me on my nails, you have to be so perfect with it and I am far from it as you can see above! Also getting the right white nail varnish is vital, 'Ain't nobody got time for dat' rubbish white varnish that needs 7 layers for it to be opaque so I found the perfect polish! Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Cotton is amazing, it is quite opaque with just one coat but I always do two coats to be sure, it makes your nails lovely and shiny and lasts a few days without chipping but white is renown for chipping easily as well as red and black. 

I didn't so much fancy the gold and have had this Loreal number in my collection for a while and not worn it so I thought this would be great for an accent nail, I love sparkly nails they are just a massive bugger at removing! I am so glad I only put the sparkles on one nail for that reason alone but how pretty is this sequin explosion? It's like my ring finger is having a party all on its own with a little disco ball full of specks of blues, pinks, purples, silver and gold. White would easily go with any other shade though if you fancied sprucing up an accent finger and white is also a great base for nail art, I miss doing more fancier nail art so I may have to start doing some more for you in the future.

What do you think to my white and sequin explosion nails and what is your favourite white opaque nail polish?


Hello lovelies, so last week we had a couple of gorgeous sunny days so the day after (stupidly not checking the weather) I thought it would be lovely to have a walk up the chase when Dan finished work and have a picnic on the cute new blanket we got, sadly after walking into town and getting all the food I got soaked all the way home! 

I was really looking forward to our picnic, I love picnics! I am a serious food picker so I think thats why, so I decided to do it indoors, why not hay? Dan wasn't over joyed by the idea at first he thinks picnics should just be for outside but when he seen the little spread I put on he was happy and thoroughly enjoyed it, as did Oscar and myself. I usually put on far too much food than I ever need, especially as there is only three of us but we didn't waste too much and what was left over got cling filmed and into the fridge. 

The dinning table is new too, we have had a dinning table in the corner of the play room for months that never got used so when Dan bought this back of a job he had been doing I have put it pride of place in the middle of the play room so we actually all use it this time, Oscar has his own little table and chairs but this way we can all sit together as a family and no more uncomfortable meals on my lap, it's pretty hard when you have a huge belly in front of you with a little food tray. 

Anyway, we all really enjoyed our make shift picnic indoors particularly the cheese sarnies, pringles and scotch eggs. What are your favourite things to have at picnics and do you think you have to be outdoors to enjoy one? 


Hello lovelies, if you missed my drugstore top five then the post is here, but I thought I would share with you a higher end version also. It was so hard to choose five favourites and I have also recently really been loving Mac's creme cup but it's still quite new to my collection so here are five stand out favourites from my collection.

Illamasqua Glamore- Rosepout : This is the most perfect nude with a hint of pink to go with any make up look, it's like your lips but better lipstick and lasts a good few hours, I got this in a beauty box a while back and was so impressed with it, it feels like butter on your lips its so soft and this lipstick made me buy more! 

Charlotte Tillbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G - Coachella Coral : My first Charlotte Tilbury purchase was this gorgeous lipstick, I loved the coral shade and the stunning rose gold packaging, it's just to die for right? I still need to add more of these lipsticks to my collection but this lipstick is stunning and perfect for spring/summer.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - 81 Fiction : My boyfriend very kindly got me this in duty free when we was travelling to Dublin for my birthday weekend, I was over the moon when he said he would treat me at the Chanel counter, I was so overwhelmed though as I always am when I am at hughstreet stores but I fell in love with this gorgeous berry shade lipstick, it is so smooth and silky on the lips and can be as sheer or opaque as you like depending on how many coats you put on your lips. 

YSL Rouge Pur Couture - 52 : You can't get more luxe than YSL packaging, it is so satisfying to stare at on my make up dresser and if I had a ridiculous amount of money I would have one in every shade. This shade I picked up though caught my attention straight away, a very bright coral and quite similar to one of my drugstore favourites (Maybelline colour sensational). This looks perfect on your lips for the spring and summer months or for a night on the town with the girls. 

Mac - Crosswires : I don't know if I am the only one who gets stumped when I am at a Mac counter, especially the lipsticks, but there is just so many finishes and shades to choose from you really don't know where to start! After a blog event I did a while back I was with a lot of beauty bloggers so as much as that screams trouble to the purse it also meant a lot of help in the lipstick department, so after some discussions and opinions I picked up this and have never looked back, I adore this shade so much it goes with any make up look and you can wear it from day to night, it is super pretty, I would say suit everyones complexion and lasts around 4 hours on the lips, longer if you're wearing a lip liner but handy to keep in your bag. 

Are any of these lipsticks in your top five? If you're more of a budget beauty buyer I have a drugstore version here


Nails Inc for Marie Claire 

Hello lovelies, that time again where I show you what polish is covering my nails, I saw this nail polish freebie on someones Instagram and stalked every shop for it and couldn't find it anywhere! Until I was out of town one day and spotted it straight away, I grabbed it without a second thought, I love Nails Inc nail polishes and when there free with a magazine you really can't go wrong. Its like a gorgeous duck egg blue with a grey haze. It looks so stunning on my pale nails and lasts a long while, if you can tell by the swatch pictures my thumb has snapped at that ridge, I know OUCH. But I had to take these pictures before I finally braved it and cut my thumb nail off, sob. 

It sadly doesn't have a shade name on it anywhere so I can't help you there and don't know their collection well enough to tell you a shade match if you was wishing to purchase this, but I would defy recommend getting it as a freebie with the magazine, it is very shiny on the nails and I think this would compliment everyones skin tone, I even popped it on my toes, with a struggle! I have a big belly now with only 8 weeks to go but they look pretty good ;)

Will you be picking up this freebie in the Marie Claire magazine or have your eye on the other shades?


Collection - Eyes uncovered 'nude bronze' palette £3.99

Hello lovelies, if you seen from my haul the other week I spotted this gorgeous eye shadow palette in boots and couldn't resist it as they were only £2.99 and after swatching there and then in the store I couldn't believe my eyes, the pigmentation and color pay off is just amazing. 

The compact palette comes with six stunning shades perfect for day or night to create the ultimate smokey eye, I love a good nudey bronze to do a smokey eye effortlessly for the day, add some thick black liquid eyeliner and turn it into a night look with more intense colour build up in the crease. I don't know if I would leave this loose in my make up bag as it is in a cardboard like box but it is fairly sturdy with a magnetic lid, if your make up bag is filled to the brim as my make up bag usually is I don't see why it would be a problem though. 

The six stunning shades you get in this palette starting from the left we have Ivory the perfect base shade, Mink, Ochre, Golden Brown, Ember and Nutty. My favourites are Mink, Golden Brown and Nutty to create my eye look, I shall have to get some pictures added on here of the smokey eye I achieved the other day using this palette, I really can't believe how pigmented the eye shadow palette is and how long they last on the lids for such a small price tag! I do believe they are still only £2.99 in Boots and I am very tempted to pick up the other palettes they have. I love the look of the Nude palette, if you are just starting out with make up or building up an eye shadow collection you really can't go wrong with these beauties. 

Have you got your hands on the Collection eye palettes yet?


Hello lovelies, I don't know about you but rich tea biscuits for me are the most boring and bland biscuits out of the lot of them and believe me I am a biscuit connoisseur, well I've tried many anyway.   
So as I had a packet in the cupboard for a good few weeks, someone must of bought them us and I forgot about them I thought I would make some use of them and do some artsy crafty things on them then enjoy them afterwards. Dan loves rich tea biscuits so whilst he nibbled away at them he helped me and Oscar do some fun designs, his is the pretty awesome Elvis biscuit, who knew he was an artist? Aha. I attempted a rubbish Peppa Pig design and a pretty heart, so creative and Oscar did some creative blobs and chucked on a lot of sprinkles and mini marshmallows. 

This was very in expensive too as I had a lot of sprinkles in the cupboard for when we decorate cakes anyway and I just got a couple more extra bits from my local pound shop, so this cost about £2 to do! Oscar was nibbling the milk drops and licking of all the icing whilst designing his biscuit, I thought he was doing the same to mine so I took a miss on eating my biscuit afterwards haha. 

I love DIY and attempting to bake with Oscar and anything arts and crafty really, it's a good way to get together and enjoy each others company especially when the weather isn't the best there is a lot you can do in the home. The weather has actually taken a really good turn over the weekend but we couldn't enjoy it fully as poorly little man has yet another cold, we did however get some fresh air up the chase so I'll pop up that post during the week or next Monday, I hope you all had a busy weekend.