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Rimmel Sweet Heart Matte in You're Mine £ 3.99

Hello lovelies, as if I have done 40 nail posts since I started! That has gone so fast, since I stopped getting my nails done at the salon my nails have become a lot stronger and I have been able to get through my ever growing nail varnish collection, also doing these posts have helped me try all my polishes out rather than them just standing on my stand looking all pretty.

This nail polish is such a gorgeous shade but it doesn't last long at all I'm afraid guys! Obviously if you have a matte top coat it may last a little longer but I couldn't find mine before our trip to London and by the morning it had all chipped mostly! Was really disappointed as I put about three coats on alone as the formula was quite tricky to get right on the nails, I was finally happy with it on the third layer then it all chips. Least I know to stay clear of these in the future and will give this polish to a friend or family, if your just wearing it for the day its perfect and its such a pretty shade but if your not someone who paints their nails daily (who has time for that) then I wouldn't bother spending your pennies on it, personal preference.

The packaging is really sweet too and the pastel shades are all gorgeous so the only downfall is the lasting power but if you loved the shade and wasn't too fussed about it being matte you could always just use a normal top coat and wear it, this peachy pink is beautiful, ideal for spring and would look gorgeous for wedding nails or a christening I think.

Have you tried Rimmel's sweet heart matte range?

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