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Hello lovelies, I don't know about you but rich tea biscuits for me are the most boring and bland biscuits out of the lot of them and believe me I am a biscuit connoisseur, well I've tried many anyway.   
So as I had a packet in the cupboard for a good few weeks, someone must of bought them us and I forgot about them I thought I would make some use of them and do some artsy crafty things on them then enjoy them afterwards. Dan loves rich tea biscuits so whilst he nibbled away at them he helped me and Oscar do some fun designs, his is the pretty awesome Elvis biscuit, who knew he was an artist? Aha. I attempted a rubbish Peppa Pig design and a pretty heart, so creative and Oscar did some creative blobs and chucked on a lot of sprinkles and mini marshmallows. 

This was very in expensive too as I had a lot of sprinkles in the cupboard for when we decorate cakes anyway and I just got a couple more extra bits from my local pound shop, so this cost about £2 to do! Oscar was nibbling the milk drops and licking of all the icing whilst designing his biscuit, I thought he was doing the same to mine so I took a miss on eating my biscuit afterwards haha. 

I love DIY and attempting to bake with Oscar and anything arts and crafty really, it's a good way to get together and enjoy each others company especially when the weather isn't the best there is a lot you can do in the home. The weather has actually taken a really good turn over the weekend but we couldn't enjoy it fully as poorly little man has yet another cold, we did however get some fresh air up the chase so I'll pop up that post during the week or next Monday, I hope you all had a busy weekend.

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