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Nails Inc for Marie Claire 

Hello lovelies, that time again where I show you what polish is covering my nails, I saw this nail polish freebie on someones Instagram and stalked every shop for it and couldn't find it anywhere! Until I was out of town one day and spotted it straight away, I grabbed it without a second thought, I love Nails Inc nail polishes and when there free with a magazine you really can't go wrong. Its like a gorgeous duck egg blue with a grey haze. It looks so stunning on my pale nails and lasts a long while, if you can tell by the swatch pictures my thumb has snapped at that ridge, I know OUCH. But I had to take these pictures before I finally braved it and cut my thumb nail off, sob. 

It sadly doesn't have a shade name on it anywhere so I can't help you there and don't know their collection well enough to tell you a shade match if you was wishing to purchase this, but I would defy recommend getting it as a freebie with the magazine, it is very shiny on the nails and I think this would compliment everyones skin tone, I even popped it on my toes, with a struggle! I have a big belly now with only 8 weeks to go but they look pretty good ;)

Will you be picking up this freebie in the Marie Claire magazine or have your eye on the other shades?

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