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Hello lovelies, so last week we had a couple of gorgeous sunny days so the day after (stupidly not checking the weather) I thought it would be lovely to have a walk up the chase when Dan finished work and have a picnic on the cute new blanket we got, sadly after walking into town and getting all the food I got soaked all the way home! 

I was really looking forward to our picnic, I love picnics! I am a serious food picker so I think thats why, so I decided to do it indoors, why not hay? Dan wasn't over joyed by the idea at first he thinks picnics should just be for outside but when he seen the little spread I put on he was happy and thoroughly enjoyed it, as did Oscar and myself. I usually put on far too much food than I ever need, especially as there is only three of us but we didn't waste too much and what was left over got cling filmed and into the fridge. 

The dinning table is new too, we have had a dinning table in the corner of the play room for months that never got used so when Dan bought this back of a job he had been doing I have put it pride of place in the middle of the play room so we actually all use it this time, Oscar has his own little table and chairs but this way we can all sit together as a family and no more uncomfortable meals on my lap, it's pretty hard when you have a huge belly in front of you with a little food tray. 

Anyway, we all really enjoyed our make shift picnic indoors particularly the cheese sarnies, pringles and scotch eggs. What are your favourite things to have at picnics and do you think you have to be outdoors to enjoy one? 

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