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Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation in the shade Ivory £8.99

Hello lovelies, please excuse my bare face especially if you've just eaten, apologies! It has been a very long while since I did a 'bad' review on my blog but I had to share my disappointment with this product sadly. Obviously we all have different opinions and skin types so don't shoot me for having an opinion but this foundation just did nothing for me what so ever!

'Flawless nude' - Nude yes, flawless? Erm bull****, I think you have to have flawless skin to pull this foundation off personally! It latched on to all my dry areas and blemishes even with moisturiser and primer applied first. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it with just primer, just moisturiser and nothing at all but it just didn't sit nicely on my face at all! 

I only picked it up because it was on offer in boots and I loved the packaging, I don't like the wand thing that comes inside the bottle, this is purely just so you can add a couple of drops to fill your whole face but I much prefer pumps. I also got the lightest shade and I think it is still quite orange on me, the joys of being super pale. Maybe if I had no blemishes what so ever and I needed a product that just made me look a bit more awake and not ill then this could work but other than that I couldn't personally. It doesn't hide much at all, it felt quite smooth on the skin and finished to a satin like texture and it smells quite nice but that is the only pro's for me.

To be quite honest there actually isn't a Maybelline foundation I have got a long with apart from their BB cream, maybe the formulas just don't agree with my skin type, no idea. This does remind me a bit of a liquid form of the dream matte moose they did, that had to be the worst foundation going. I remember my friend using it for school and her applying it to my face, by the end of the day I would have patches of orange places all clinged to my dry areas, not good at all, no wonder I didn't have much look with boys through school aha. 

All I would say is if you have amazing skin and you like a very light coverage then maybe this could work for you but if like me you like hiding your blemishes, dark circles and freckles then I wouldn't purchase this.

Did you get on with this foundation or loathe it as much as I did?

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