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I don't know about you but the years seem to be passing us by quicker and quicker each time they come around which make the months even faster! So I decided in my journal to write nine things every month I would like to do. I colour in the boxes once I've done it, is there anything more satisfying? 

So my nine things that I have this month are -

  • Do something crafty
  • Date night with Dan
  • One evening with Lawson
  • One evening with Oscar 
  • Try a new recipe 
  • Yoga
  • Do a YouTube dance video
  • Visit a friend
  • Pamper night

Some things on my list may seem small to you but sometimes life gets so busy that we forget or don't have the time to do those little tasks. I work and I don't stop with the pup and the kids after school pick up so making time for me and them on their own is a main priority I always want to maintain.

I absolutely love being creative so I always have this on my monthly make it happen list as well as spending one on one time with the boys and a date night with Dan. It's so important when you're in a relationship with kids that you make time for each other. It could just be going for lunch or an evening meal, the cinema or a little shopping trip. It doesn't have to be expensive, you could even go on a nice long walk together child free, that's free! It's just about having that quality time with each other. 

I tend to also add try a new recipe every month as I get sick of thinking what to have for tea most nights! Recently I have been absolutely loving Taming Twins blog for recipes, she has so many quick and easy ones and they're so yummy! I also always have visit a friend because I am so guilty at not seeing my friends, I just feel like I don't have the time to fit it all in, but even just meeting for a quick coffee is nice! I recently visited my friend Antonia at her house, she's recently had a gorgeous baby boy Reef and it was so lovely to see her gorgeous home and baba! I'm always a call or text away with any friend but definitely need to make sure I find time to actually see them in person. 

Yoga is something I really want to get back into, now I'm in my 30's my joints just aren't the same anymore, I want to feel a bit more flexible! It's so good for the mind too! As is exercise and dancing is my favourite so I'm going to make sure I have time to fit in a fun dance workout this month. 

What things would you have on your make it happen list?!