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Elegant Touch Express 3 Minute Manicure Neon Roses £7.99*

Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you an express what's on my nails this week, Elegant touch very kindly sent me some samples of their new releases for the summer how gorgeous are these? I fell in love with the Neon roses first so had to try those out. 

They literally do take under 3 minutes to apply to your nails, they are pre glued already so you just need to rip of the seal, push down to your cuticle and hold on to it for a couple of seconds and you're good to go. If you want extra support and have more time I would recommend applying glue also, I'm a mother of two under 5 and I wash up/clean a lot so I'm always wary of the nail falling of in their cottage pie or whatever so I extra glue but these three minute manicures to be honest I use these for a weekend thing, a spontaneous night out or for a special event, you can get them on quickly and out the door with ease.

If colour and designs aren't your thing they do also do the ever so famous french tip so you could wear them to work or just for every day use. I struggle with nails to fit my wide nail beds but these are quite a good fit. I had a lot of compliments on these neon rose nails and one lady even asked me where I got them done, in the living room watching corrie love! 

So a bargain at under £10 and they come in lots of lovely designs to suit your mood or outfit for the night. The other two designs are Iridescent lilac and Cornflower blue, so stunning I think I'm going to try the lilac next they have a gorgeous chrome effect to them thats really trendy at the minute.

Have you tried the Elegant touch express mani nails before? If not go try them now and tell me which design you like out of the three in the comments.

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