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Hello lovelies, a few days back Schleich very kindly sent me some adorable forest animal babies, they are just weeks old, you get a cute black bear cub, a wild boar piglet and an elk calf, they're so sweet.

Look at the attention to detail with the hand painted craftsmanship, they look so real life. Oscar has really enjoyed playing with these in our back garden as photographed so he can pretend that the animals are actually in the forest. I might actually do a little Youtube video of Oscar playing with these in my sensory tub, I like to switch it up now and again and although we have lots of fun with it I like for it to be educational too, so now we have these I'm going to do some reading up about the animals and share with Oscar information about them to him so he can learn more about these forest animals. We live right by a gorgeous forest so I wouldn't be surprised if he thinks we can go searching for real ones haha, for now though he's having lots of fun playing with these very real like figures. 

The quality of them is so good, they are thick and heavy if that makes sense, like you know the really cheap toy animals can weigh nothing and very flimsy these you know are going to last you a long time and through kicks and throwing etc. Lawson loves holding the animals but the imagination Oscar has with the animals is so lovely to watch. He put the bear in our tree and said look mummy the bear has climbed the tree, I thought it looked pretty cool too. I also had fun playing with Oscar and propped up the background you got in the box to give them a prettier backdrop to role play with. 

After looking on their site I want a lot more of their products, I love the look of their sea animals this would make a great sensory tub in the summer, we can use ice and water and have fun in the pool with them, I can't wait to add to their new collection. 

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