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My Make-Up Collection - Lip products.

Hello lovelies, it has come to the end of the road on the make up collection posts, sorry. I really hope you enjoyed them and I didn't bore you all too much, I will be doing reviews on make up brushes and extra bits through out the year so look out for them, have a lovely weekend everyone! 
As I have quite a lot of lip products I won't be putting too much detail into this post and will be more picture heavy so you can see what I have in my collection or it would take me ages and you probably wouldn't want to read it all anyway aha, but if you would like to know more about a certain product or brand in my collection I will be more than happy to help you with that just leave your questions in the comments below. 

I contain my lipsticks in an acrylic storage unit I purchased of Ebay, I am not sure of the buyer though sorry but it has a section with 12 slots, two long slots at the back and an open slot the other side that fits all my lipsticks in very snug. I am currently over flowing with my lipsticks so I need to stop buying any more at the moment really. At the bottom I just took a picture of some lipsticks I love and wear quite a lot, Revlon lip butter in Creme Brulle, I love all my Revlon lip butters as they are very hydrating and glide so lovely on the lips but this shade is just a gorgeous nude that you can wear with any outfit and any make up look. Then for a bright pop of colour that lasts for hours and stains your lips which I like as it means you don't have to keep re-applying it and this is the Maybelline Colour sensational in Shocking Coral. I have really gone of Glossy box at the minute they have just disappointed me this year big time but one product from there box that I have always loved is their lipstick in Glossy Pink it is just the perfect pink that goes with everything you can wear it to work, coffee with your girlfriends or for a night out, it lasts a good few hours and smells quite nice too. Collection Deluxe lipstick in Talullah, I love a pink lipstick in case you hadn't already realised, but this is a beautiful baby pink perfect for spring and adds a girly look to your face. Then lastly the Sleek pout paints are just amazing, they last a good while, super pigmented and handy little size to fit anywhere. Also if your friend wants in on the action it's super hygienic as she just needs to squirt the product onto her finger and dab on her lips, it feels watery at first but then dries instantly to give you the most gorgeous pop of colour on your lips, I need to add more of these to my collection because there stunning.

This is an acrylic storage from Muji where I store my lip balm I'm currently using, lip crayons, lip 'chubby sticks', high end lipsticks and my lip glosses. 

Lip Balms

I have oh so many lip balms but I keep them in a cute little heart bowl and I just store in this storage what I am currently using and that is my new EOS balm which I am so happy I finally have one, I have seen them every where on peoples blogs and wanted to get my hands on one, I finally saw a bowl staring at me in Selfridges and wasn't leaving without one. I got the flavour raspberry and it smells gorgeous, it is helping my chapped lips and I just love applying it with the easy ball balm and the other lip balm is A-Derma Baume Levres Intense Repair Lip Balm, I think I got this in a beauty box of some sort, not 100% but I always use then I'm up in my beauty room and love the feel of it, it is heavy but soaks in straight away. 

High End Lipsticks

I don't own that many high end lipsticks but I love my little collection, I really want to try a YSL lipstick the packaging is just stunning I need one in my life, I will get one soon. I love the texture and scents of Mac lipsticks they are packaged in sleek black bullets and last a good few hours, I am yet to try their matte finishes but love the ones I own, Chatterbox, Hue and Snob. Then I just have a couple of Clinique lipsticks which feel luxurious on the lips, hydrating and lasts a good while on your lips I have them in the shades Delovely and All heart. 

Lip Glosses

My most used lipglosses are the Rimmel Apocolips, L'Oreal Stain Splashes and Mac Dazzlegoss. A lot of people have mixed views on the apocolips but I love them, they last so long on my lips, a great range of shades and super pigmented. The L'Oreal stain splashes feel so watery at first but quench your lips thirst then dry instantly and give a gorgeous glisten to your lips and come in the most pretty colours. 

'Chubby Stick' Lipsticks

I love these, they are just super easy to apply and feel hydrating on the lips. I have been loving the new Revlon Matte balms, they are not drying at all. I also love the Bourjois lip sticks as they feel lovely on the lips, last for hours and I love the colour range. 

Lip Crayons

I have mostly Nars lip crayons and I absolutely love them, I have reviewed the minis HERE, I then recently bought a full size one which will be being reviewed soon. The Elf lip crayon is a great budget buy and lasts a few hours and looks lovely on your lips then lastly I have a Max factor colour elixir in passionate red, a shimmery dupe for Nars Cruella and not in matte form but the colour is very similar. 

Hope you liked my lip product collection


  1. Ah lovely, this post series is awesome. I really don't like the apocolips though! I guess I just prefer really matte finishes or tinted balms

    Katy xx

    1. Thank you hunny!
      Ahh some people do and some don't I love them :)
      thanks for commenting xxx

  2. I love pout paints, and I really want to try apocolips still!!! I have gone off glossybox too, need to remember to unsubscribe again! xxxx


    1. You haven't tried the apocolips yet babe?! You must :)
      The paint pouts are fab xxxxxx

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  4. Wow! What an amazing collection! I really want to try the revlon crayons! Also love your make-up storage could do with this myself!


  5. How many lips do you have? LOL Those chubby sticks look so prettyyy


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