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Mummy Monday - Mother's Day

Hello lovelies, I thought I would share with you all my Mother's Day, I woke up quite late for me as Oscar is pretty much my alarm at the moment and he had a lie in, we got up at 9 but in my defense the clocks had only just gone forward, that's my excuse anyway aha. I was supposed to go to my mums for half 9 and Dan was dropping me off before he had football but I had to get ready and Oscar ready so there was no hope I could do all that in half an hour so Dan made me a coffee then went to football so I got a move on. I got to my Mum's for 11 and only got about ten minutes with her as she was going out but she got to open all her presents of me and we managed to get in some selfie's aha. I usually just get some flowers and a cars for Mother's Day but I pushed the boat out this year and got her some thoughtful presents, she loves hearts and pictures with quotes on, that sort of thing so I got a couple of those and a Yankee candle she loves 'soft cotton' its her favorite with her favorite chocolates too.

She was pleased with her presents, I also got my Nan a little something as she kindly bought me some gifts and a card in case Dan forgot aha, but he didn't he was very thoughtful this year and got me a card well in advance as its usually a last minute jobby with him, bless him and the best part he surprised me with.. 'You are not only the best Mum in the world your the best girlfriend in the world and I am so proud of you, you deserve to be treated and I know you love your blogging so I'm going to buy you a laptop today'. I was stunned, I had hinted all this year I have wanted a new laptop as he bought me a second hand one of his friend and it is super slow, was driving me insane so I finally got my own brand spanking new one yay! It's the Hp pavilion, that doesn't mean a lot to me as I haven't the foggiest about laptops, my brother recommended it me, I just needed a laptop for my blogging and bits I didn't need anything extravaganza. I am already loving it though, its super sleek looking, it's not too heavy and it does everything I need it too, the only thing worrying me was windows 8 but my brother is going to teach me everything I need to know so that shouldn't be a problem. I didn't even want a gift from Dan not that I am not completely grateful because I am, I just feel so lucky to even be a mother it is the best feeling in the world, waking up every morning to my beautiful little boy and seeing his smile every day I just love him so much. I just wish Dan was also there to wake up to every morning but he works away and it sucks but he's doing it all for his family which I am also thankful and so lucky for, I have the best men in my life.
What did all my yummy mummy friends get for Mother's Day? Let me know in the comments below what your day was like also x

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  1. This looks like such a lovely day, and I am so glad that you got the recognition you deserve hun! I just got a HP Pavillion for University work and it runs like lightning amazing!!! xxxx



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