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My Make-Up Collection - Mascaras.

Hello lovelies, I'm going to finish of this week with my Mascara collection and start again next week carrying on my collection starting with lip products, there is a lot to say the least. I really should have planned this out more aha, I always jump into the deep end, but its all fun. 

My mascaras live in a Ted Baker tin mug that Dan didn't appreciate for a Christmas present of a relative last year so me and my mascaras did. I like being able to see all of them and easy access. 

Ok, so I have a bit of an unhealthy collection of mascaras, but like hunting for your holy grail foundation, mascara comes next for me. My vitals, foundation and mascara as I think all make up looks NEED mascara and you need to find the one that's perfect for you right? I also love experimenting with new brands and just generally trying out new products. I will start with my favorite mascaras though,

Yves Rocher - Sexy Pulp Mascara, it is not here as I have used it up but it is my ultimate favorite over any brand, formulation ever I'll link it HERE. I have not found another one like it, I am planning to repurchase it as I always have done but I do really need to make my way through these first as it is silly buying any more right now. This is my collection after throwing loads away too. It has a gorgeous curved brush which hugs to your lashes to give you volume and and thicken without clumping at all, it's long wearing and is just my favorite it is also half price at the moment, I would highly recommend this mascara to anyone out there.
Benefit - They're Real mascara, my high end favorite which I also need to repurchase the bigger size of but there is no need at the moment as I have three mini's which is perfect, one for nights out, one for my make up bag and one to stay up on my dressing table. I adore the packaging of this to start with and the brush has bristles all around the brush so you can get into every crook and cranny which is good for them hard reach areas. It really does make you look like your wearing fake eyelashes as it instantly lengthens your lashes with lots of volume, I always get complimented when I wear this and ask what I'm wearing. It's jet black and really opens up your eyes, if you do have naturally very long lashes I probably wouldn't recommend this as it might clump your lashes but it doesn't clump mine.
Maybelline - The Colossal Volum' Express smokey eyes mascara, my favorite drug store mascara, I used to use this in high school, obviously not the same packaging or formula but very similar. a collagen enriched formula with khol effects to give you extra pigmentation and a sultry look. It makes my eyelashes look fab, volumises and doesn't clump, I wear this every day at the minute. 

I will get the least liked out the way next,

Jelly Pong Pong - Fairy Lashes mascara, the packaging and the name I love! But the formula itself, not so much love for. It clumps ever so easy and it's just so wet and messy. I really want to like it I may just let it dry out and hope it will grow on me if not it will have to go to mascara heaven.
Soap and Glory - Thick and Fast mascara, I adore the brush to this but again it is very wet and messy. I am surprised because I do see a lot of rave reviews on this mascara but it just doesn't work for me, I might let this dry out also though and I could be proven wrong it just clumped all my lashes and was very messy to apply. Then lastly, Mac - Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara, I have a love hate relationship with this mascara, it makes my lashes look amazing, volumised etc and lengthens but it leaves so much icky black gunk in my eyes for ages it just keeps re appearing so I have stayed clear from it for abit but it does make my lashes look fab, I'm really unsure what to do with this. 

Mascaras that are great for lengthening, my two favorites already mentioned plus, Gosh - Growth Mascara, does it exactly what it says on the tin/tube. It has the tiniest bristles that really grab your lashes and extend them, they instantly look longer after one coat and again after another. It contains 5% Sympeptide which is the active growth ingredient, the rubber brush makes your eyelashes look dense also and doesn't give you those nasty spider leg looking lashes with the growth. 
All of the Seventeen Mascaras add length and volume, 17 Dolled Up, 17 Blow Out and 17 Va Va Voom, I love the packaging of the 17 mascaras too, quirky, original and colourful, very eye catching. They are cheap and cheerful mascaras. I was lucky enough to win all my 17 mascaras in a twitter competition reviewed HERE. Model Co - Fibre Lashxtend extreme black lengthening mascara, firstly I love that this has a little mirror on the back, perfect for on the go for any touch ups or your getting ready on the train to work. It is quite a dry mascara compared to others but it does lengthen your lashes and I prefer drier mascaras to the really wet ones I find it defines your eyes more. Then lastly for lengthening I like the Barry M - Lash Vegas, this also volumises as it lengthens, it has an hour glass wand that curves your lashes and makes them stand out, a lot of people rave about this and it's not a lot of pennies at all. I find drugstore mascaras are better than high end in my opinion, I could happily carry on in life with just drugstore mascaras, I would miss my Benefit one a bit but I just think the drugstore has so much more to offer and its affordable.

Mascaras that are great for volume, L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Diamantissime mascara, I love this for nights out as it has shimmer inside to make your eyelashes sparkle but it is very subtle, you don't look like a disco ball or anything, it gives my lashes a lot of volume and I love the sparkly tube. L'Oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga mascara, this is loved and hated over the blogosphere, I personally love it! The packaging also, it is great for volumising your lashes and wide open. Max Factor - False Lash Effect Waterproof mascara, I got this free in one of those Christmas boxes when you spend £12 or £15 on that brand. I love Max Factor mascaras, there brilliant for volumising your lashes also lengthening too, I'm not a huge waterproof mascara wearer but there great for nights out, they stay put and when your all hot and bothered from dancing the night away you have no panda eyes! I love this mascara and all the Max factor's range to be honest I'd be happy with any of them. Mally - Volumizing Mascara, I got this in a set on a QVC offer, I was new to Mally and thought why not give it a go, I love there concealer and mascara! It volumises and lengthens but makes my lashes look very natural at the same time it is great for every day wear. Again all the 17 ones are great at giving your lashes volume as well as lengthening. 

Great for bottom lashes, Clinique - High Impact mascara, tiny bristles perfect for bottom lashes, leaves no clumps or smudges and stays put all day. I find smaller bristles and brushes alot easier to apply on my bottom lashes or I get myself in a right mess, hello Beetlejuice. No7 - Extreme length waterproof mascara, another smaller bristle brush that is rubber also. I like using this on nights out or if I'm going somewhere nice do to the fact it's waterproof to avoid black smudgy under eyes and it gives them length also. 

I think I have pretty much summed them all up, well done if you got through all of that I just want to make it easier for you to understand the qualities of them all or just my opinion on them all. If you do want to see pictures of the wands just let me know in the comments below or want to know more about a specific one.
What is your most used mascara that you couldn't live without?


  1. That cup is such a cute way of storing mascaras, I would never think to do that but it looks so nice :)

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