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Hot Hair Beyonce 3/4 Wig £45.00*

Hello lovelies, it will be no surprise to most people that I love a good weave, my hair is at the stage where it is just taking forever to grow, its just above my shoulders, I am very lucky that my hairs quite thick but I love long hair, especially when I'm going on a night out somewhere. I have tried many synthetic hair pieces but this one by Hot Hair is currently my favourite! 

It feels lovely, it doesn't feel 'fake' or look 'fake' to me once I've done all my hair properly, it has to extra clips at the side of the hair piece to ensure you that your weave won't go flying of if you start doing the running man or beyonce moves on the dance floor, I have head rocked (obviously had to test it out) and it did not budge! So your very safe on a night out that it's not going to go flying. 

The colour match is perfect, I have the shade 'ginger brown' as it was the closest they had to my light brown shade, I love how it has curls in and no matter how many times you brush it or wear it it stays the same, this is why I like these wig pieces especially being a mum of two, who has time to doll all there hair up? If I'm feeling lazy and really can't be bothered to do my hair all I have to do is put my natural hair in a small bun at the bottom of my head then stick this on my head, no one ever knows! I leave a small piece of hair out at the front and I'm good to go. 

They are really easy to look after too, you can wash them with designed shampoo's and conditioners for synthetic hair and leave them to air dry, you can't use heat on the hair as that will damage them but they are just so easy and if like me you get bored easily of your hair you can mess around with your natural hair, cut it a little shorter then just wear these for a change. They come in all sorts of styles on the Hot Hair website, I love the look of the Brianna and the uplift pieces they do. 

If you want instant volume, length and bounce to your hair I couldn't recommend these enough to you, super easy, affordable as they will last you a long while if you look after it, they brush well with tangle teezers, wash them often with the synthetic shampoo and conditioner and don't apply heat to them. The Beyonce style is glamorous but also natural looking curls makes it great for a day or night look. I'm all up for anything that makes life that little easier and these hair pieces just do that, whack it on my head and do something with my fringe or even tie a nice band around my hair and I'm good to go, practical and pretty what more could you ask for?

Are you a fan of weaves?

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