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Hello lovelies, so Wednesday just gone I attended a Lush Skincare event especially for us bloggers, I love a Lush event as it is one of my favourite stores. I know Lush is mainly known for their amazing bath bombs/melts etc but they also do a huge range of other products from hair care to skin care to even make up and perfume! I could literally get lost in Lush for hours, the aroma gets me every time it just makes me fall even more in love with it, but Wednesday we really got to grips with Lush skincare products, I am a fan myself of Lush skincare but it was really refreshing to learn about new products I had never tried before and we even got to make some of the products which was super fun!

Here the lovely Kyle, one of Lush finest shows us all how to make Angels on bare skin cleanser, he showed us all the ingredients that go into the making of the cleanser and we all got messy in our blue gloves rolling it about like a bread mixture. It was so fun helping to make the cleanser and it just shows all of the natural ingredients that do go inside it with no nasties or anything at all that is tested on animals. We even got to keep a full size sample of the cleanser which I was thrilled about and if you stick around till the end I will let you know how it's making my skin feel and the ingredients!

After we all helped make the cleanser we got to have a sit down and learn some facial tips using the Full of grace serum bar, the lovely Yasmin showed us some great techniques and we all got into pairs to try it out on each other, Clare a fellow blogger friend of mine was my partner and was quite good at parts of the facial, it was very relaxing and I learned a lot, I tried it out on my boyfriend and he was really impressed so thanks Yasmin! 

Once we got pampered we all joined around the cauldron and had a witch hunt, just kidding we dropped some Dream Steam tabs into a bowl of boiling water and got all hot and steamy to open up our pores and let all the essential oils get into our skin, it was lovely and the aroma was perfect. 

Once we all parted from our steam bath we got asked if we would like to help make a Cupcake facemask or a Catastrophe facemask, I opted for the cupcake one as it sounded more beneficial to my skin type with it helping with those pesky spots that creep up when you least expect them too. We all took it in turns to add in all the different ingredients and all had a stir to make the face mask, it's amazing to see what they do behind close doors and all the hard work that goes into everything made but all the ingredients so natural, that's what I love most about it. After we made the cupcake facemark we actually got given a full size sample and also one of the catastrophe one so I'm excited to see how that one works out with my skin, I love a good face mask, it's not a real pamper without one right? You can see the lovely Sam above tried out the cupcake mask in the shop, doesn't she demonstrate it so well. 

Once we made our facemasks we all got a separate skin care consultation on the moisturiser that would be best for our skin and what we wanted out of a moisturiser, above is the lovely Vanessa getting her consultation with Kyle, he was very helpful and I am so pleased with the moisturiser sample I got given.

It was so nice to catch up with the blogging friends I have made on my blogging journey, they become really close friends just by talking over the internet and meeting up a couple of times I feel like I will be friends with these lot forever, it's so good to have friends who share the same interests as you that don't compete or make you feel anything other than fabulous, these girls do that! From the left Clare, Sarah's sexy eye, Aimee and Vanessa , I'm obviously the centre of attention aha. 

If all of that wasn't enough look at the magnificent goodie bag we all got to take home?! I was so impressed when I got home and had a look in everything, sadly I missed a train and didn't get home till past 10 so was super tired and did the quickest make up removal ever so couldn't try out all my new products but the day after I went all out and had a real good pamper with the boyfriend, he loved all of the products as much as I did and since getting all this Wednesday I haven't stopped using the products and my skin honestly feels amazing, it hasn't felt this good in ages it is so smooth and clean. I really feel like just sticking with Lush after how great my skin feels once I have got through my huge skincare collection stash and that is a very strong statement from a beauty blogger with a love for trying out new things but I am being totally honest. I will give you a brief over view on what I think of the products I have used so far and their ingredients but I will update you all with lots of reviews soon on the blog. 

Angels on bare skin cleanser 100g £6.75* - This is a gentle cleanser with great properties in to help absorb the grease in your skin, leave your skin feeling clean yet nourished and tones and brightens it all at the same time with the great ingredients inside.

I'm not usually one for the 'bitty' cleansers, I just hate the mess of it all but this one actually isn't that bad, you get some of the product into your hand place some warm water in the palm and rub together to make a sort of paste then rub it all over your face, I quite like using this in the morning, it makes me feel refreshed and ready for the day and just leaves my skin feeling fabulous.

  • 'Ground Almonds
  • Glycerine
  • Kaolin
  • Water (Aqua)
  • Lavender Oil
  • Rose Absolute
  • Chamomile Blue Oil
  • Tagetes Oil
  • Benzoin Resinoid
  • Lavender Flowers
  • *Limonene
  • *Linalool' - List of all ingredients. 

    Tea Tree Water Toner 100g £4.25* - This is one of my favourite toners I have tried from lush, if you want to keep those pesky spots at bay you need this in your life, its antibacterial, anti fungal and antimicrobial it is also antiseptic and rich in vitamins an all rounder great product for keeping your skin clear and helps to remove those extra traces of make up off after you've cleansed. 

  • 'Tea Tree Water 
  • Grapefruit Water 
  • Juniperberry Water
  • *Limonene 
  • Perfume 
  • Methylparaben' - 
  • List of all ingredients.

  • Full of grace serum bar 20g £8.25* A deeply moisturising facial bar, this it most definitely is! I have been wanting to try this product out for ages so I was so happy when I seen this in my bag. It has ingredients in it to help get all the right essential oils into your face but also helps to combat greasiness, I like to use this by rubbing the bar between my fingertips to get it warm and the oils to melt in my fingers then rub it all over my skin, you can just use it straight from the bar on your face and give it a good massage but I think its cleaner to use just your fingertips. 

    • 'Murumuru Butter
    • Calamine Powder
    • Cupuacu Butter
    • Fresh Rose Petal Infusion
    • Organic Almond Oil
    • Perfume
    • Fresh Portobello Mushrooms
    • Chamomile Blue Oil
    • Rose Oil
    • Tagetes Oil
    • *Eugenol
    • *Geraniol
    • *Benzyl Benzoate
    • *Benzyl Cinnamate
    • *Citronellol
    • *Farnesol
    • *Limonene
    • *Linalool' - 
    • List of all ingredients.

    • Cupcake Face mask 75g £6.50* - I believe this is the mask that is making my skin feel so clean and soft! It has the ingredients in it to help clear all your skins impurities, deep cleanses it but also stimulates and tones the skin then lastly helps to soften and moisturise your skin. You only need to leave this on your face for 10-15 minutes to benefit from it and believe me you will feel the difference the next morning, if you have combination skin or spot prone skin I think you will really benefit from this product, it's amazing. 

      • 'Rhassoul Mud
      • Linseed Infusion
      • Glycerine
      • Talc
      • Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter
      • Cocoa Butter
      • Fresh Mint
      • Sandalwood Oil
      • Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute
      • Spearmint Oil
      • Peppermint Oil
      • *Limonene
      • Perfume' -
      • List of all the ingredients. 

      • As I said above, I will give you all reviews once I have tried everything out and over the next couple of weeks to see how my skins getting on with it all, I am using these products before anything else in my collection because it is fresh and because I love them all! I am so grateful for the invite to the great event and the amazing goodie bag we all got given, thanks to all the lovely staff who took time out of their schedules to teach us all about the skin care products and taught us techniques and tips along the way, I had a great night and was so lovely to catch up with my blogging friends too. If you have never tried Lush before you are seriously missing out! I would advise you all to go to your nearest Lush and have a skin care consultation, they really know there stuff and can help you with pretty much everything but for those of you who don't sadly live near a Lush or can't get to a store for any reason they have a fantastic website that is really easy to use and very useful and handy on telling you all about the products here - LUSH.co.uk 

      • If you have tried Lush skincare before what are YOUR favourite products? 


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