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Hello lovelies, so I'm just over 3 weeks from giving birth and I don't think baby L will be in here for much longer, just my thoughts he could be stubborn and stay in a little longer but I just have that funny feeling he won't, so best to be prepared right?! I remember with my first I was so excited I had my bags packed at like 20 weeks! Not really having any clue what to pack and searching google for weeks for ideas, I didn't know about Pinterest back then. Although it was only 2 an a half years ago I was going through all this my mind has become a bit of a blur but I have a bit of a clue what to pack this time and packed more just incase I have to stay in again, you never know how labour's going to go down. I was two days early with Oscar and had a pretty good 3 and a half hour labour all natural with just a tear as his heart dropped near the end, so scary and just braved it having gas and air. I just hope to god this birth will be just as easy but really like the idea of a water birth this time, here's hoping.

For baby L 

- Baby grows, I have a couple with arms and without as I have no idea what the weather will be like.
- Onesie.
- An outfit for coming home in.
- Scratch Mittens.
- Hat (depending on weather).
- Socks.
- Pre made cow and gate bottles - Just incase I can't breastfeed.
- Nappies.
- Muslin cloths.
- Cotton Balls.
- Johnsons baby wipes for newborns.
- Blanket.
- Comforter. 
- Soother.

For Me -

- Travel sized toiletries, I have a lot of things and most of them I will probably not use but I like to be over prepared rather than not prepared at all. I have shampoo, conditioner, mini skin care products I use, tooth brush, tooth paste, mouthwash, deodorant, wet wipes, femwipes, a mini perfume, hand sanitiser, hand cream, muslin cloth, mini sponge, lip balm, make up bag and shower gel

- Notebook and Pen, the nurses give you tons of information before you leave that I usually forget once I get home so good to jot the most important things down. 

- Phone Charger.
- Maternity notes.
- Pillow.
- Ipod or a CD if I get to have my water birth.
- Big ass granny pants!
- Nursing bras.
- Nursing pads.
- Dressing gown.
- A nightie..
- Spare pyjamas incase I have to stay over night again.
- An outfit to go home in.
- Socks/Slippers, the hospital floors are usually freezing and I live in my slippers at home.
- Purse.
- Snacks, hospital food isn't my favourite.
- Magazine's/Books as you just don't know how long it will take or be in there for.
- Big absorbent maxi pads.
- Flip flops to shower in! I know strange but if you hate germs like me you'll understand.
- Towel.
- An eye mask incase I am totally knackered and manage to nap during the day, you never know.
- A carrier bag for dirty clothing.
- Hairbands.
- Chewing gum.
- A list of all your contacts just incase your phone breaks or anything.

For Dan -

- Snacks.
- Blanket.
- Camera.
- Phone.
- Spare memory card.
- Spare top (incase I rip his, baby puke or anything).
- Pillow.
- Change for parking, vending machine etc.
- To get something nice for baby L's brother to take home with him.
- Baby carseat.

Like I said before I probably have gone overboard this time but I don't want to forget anything, for all the people who do like to over pack like myself may even have noticed I have forgot something, probably something really important knowing me aha, baby brain! But I am so excited now and can't wait to meet him. I can't wait to share with you all my experience and his beautiful face.

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