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Hello lovelies, this month I finally took the plunge and bought my first ever 'my little box', I had seen it on the blogosphere for a while and thinking it was really pretty and loved the idea of having lifestyle and beauty all in one box sometimes even fashion but I never actually bought it, but this month I finally did and I am so glad I did! This box is beautiful, I am super impressed with it considering it is my first one too, from the gorgeous illustrations to the cute stationary pieces, I am a sucker for stationary and the lovely french beauty products. Even the products them self come in such gorgeous packaging like the cute little bag, the lovely quote on the cloud and the 'once upon a dream' pouch where the gorgeous necklace was in. What was in April's 'My little dream box' -

Lip Balm Loved by Lou Lesage £8 - This gorgeous red tinted lip balm sits beautifully on your lips giving a subtle flush of colour to your lips but is build able for more of a more intensive red if you wish. It is super soft and comes in a cute little pot. 

Soft perfume stick by Sabe Masson in Copacabana £15 - I sadly can't smell this perfume yet as I am full of cold but my boyfriend said it smelt quite fresh and fruity, I adore the packaging it comes in and what a great alternative for your handbag, no leaks here! 

Necklace 'Bonne etoile' by Delphine Pariente £20 - I thought this was so pretty when I opened up my little cloud sachet, you could wear this an anklet or bracelet as well as a necklace, I love the pretty pink cord and the little symbol, it is quite a simple piece that could make an outfit a bit more jazzier. 

Rotating stamp £8 - How adorable is this stamp? It has 12 little messages on it which will be great for spicing up my notebooks or great for adding little messages on birthday cards or if I want to give my friends/family little messages, it's a great little tool to have around the house I can't wait to start playing with it. 

Repairing hair mask for dry ends £7 - I love the packaging again on this beauty product and looking forward to trying this out! My hair actually isn't in bad nick for a change but I imagine this will keep my dry ends on top and making those split ends stay away! I will have to let you all know how my hair gets on with this, I love a good hair mask once a week. 

The total of all these products are just under £60! So how great is that all for just £11 plus your post and packaging? All the little details that go into the box alone also, I can't wait for next months already. 

Have you tried 'my little box' before? I would love to know your thoughts. 

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