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HAT - Peacocks
SHADES - Peacocks
T-SHIRT - Next
JEANS - H&M with some diy scuffs
PUMPS - Peacocks

Hello lovelies, so as the weather is shaping up to be gorgeous already this spring I thought me and Oscar would pop to town and get ourselves some shades, whilst we was in Peacocks Oscar also spotted the hat stand and said 'mummy hat please' so how could I refuse? He looked so cute the day we bought it, he was walking around with a big smile on his face and a few women said to him cool dude so he couldn't stop saying it, now every time he wears this hat he says dude hat aha.

This day in particular I thought I would get him ready for Pre-school and let him be a cool dude in front of his new friends, as its quite cool in the morning I put him in jeans and packed his shorts for when it gets warmer in the afternoon. These pumps look so comfy and he can run around in them great without falling or them slipping off, I'm not the biggest fan of his hat but he chose it, he's starting to get his own style now, I will have to run with it until he goes through that phase where we wants to go out in fancy dress every day but I think I'm ok at the minute aha. The rest of the outfit is pretty relaxed and comfy, I diy'd the jeans by just getting a cheese grater and scrubbing them up a bit to give the jeans a bit more edge and diversity to the outfit also. 

What do you think to my little mans outfit this week and where do you shop for your little ones? 

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