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Hello lovelies, on Sunday 31st August me and some bloggers got invited to a photography workshop hosted by Goodmans in Birmingham, I met Hayley in Lichfield as there was no early trains sadly in my town and we met Chloe in Birmingham all of us wearing gingham dresses! #Awkward, we then met up with the others by Primark early in the morning and got snap happy with our DSLR's and bridge cameras. I am a total novice when it comes to photography as you will probably tell when you see my pictures, I still don't fully understand how to even work my camera yet but I did my best. The top picture was our first project, taking a picture of the town hall, Simon the main man photographer was teaching us and telling us all about angles, symetrical buildings and a lot more information about photography, as you can see Simon on the floor now he told us all about poses to get yourself into to get the perfect shot, after capturing some pictures ourselves of a few buildings we headed to Jamies Italian, I was so excited as I have never been and a massive fan of him, I couldn't wait to try his dishes.

I opted for 'Jamie's Burger' in Jamie's it was so scrummy yet so filling I didn't master the lot, what a wimp! But the chips were gone in seconds, I can't remember what they were called but they had garlic infused into them, they were the best tasting chips I have ever ate. I was full to the brim, after about 5 minutes of rest from the food we made our way out but before bumping into one of the lovely staff there, he asked for us to take a picture of him aha, so funny. I love the atmosphere in there and the accessories dotted around I will definitely be going back to take the fella he was very jealous when I showed him my burger. Then after stuffing our faces we took some more shots of Selfridges.

I had to cut the workshop short as I didn't want to miss my train but I had a wonderful time and learnt so much about photography and tips which will stick with me and met some lovely new bloggers, Abbigayle and Hannah specifically and looking forward to seeing them again in September. Thank you so much Joeblogs and Simon and Goodmans of-course for a wonderful day I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Check out Goodmans post from the day here.

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