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Hello lovelies, I feel really bad that I have let my blog slip lately but I have had so much going on in my little world. Firstly I'm pregnant again if you didn't already know! I know wow, I was totally cacking myself and scared witless at first but now the shock has worn off I am so excited and well I have just been very sick with it and exhausted, Oscar is having really miserable days lately, I don't know about terrible twos just mardy two's which makes my day quite testing, so by the time the day is over and little man is in bed, I just want a huge bubble bath and my own bed which obviously gives me no time at all to blog. I am trying to fix some sort of blog rota though so hopefully this will all go to plan soon so you all have good posts to read! Anyway enough about my little life update...

This morning me and my gorgeous boys and the dog had an early walk up the beautiful chase that we very luckily live by. There is nothing better after your morning coffee (decaff) than the smell of fresh air going into your lungs walking through crunchy leaves and twigs. We had such a lovely morning but to my disappointment there was no conkers! We officially went conker picking as I read they help get rid of spiders so instead we had a little wander then went on the park for a bit, after the park we spotted lots of fur cones so we just went and collected those instead, why the hell not? They look super cute in a home made potpourri too, I have actually put a candle in a large wine glass and surrounded it with potpourri and now my fur cones plus its a great activity with the kid(s). 

Going in the big outdoors is absolutley free and priceless to see your little ones face light up doing totally pointless things but making there world light up. The fresh air does you good and will help to keep you fit. It gets the little ones learning new things too and testing their senses, I have had the best morning and it has cost us nothing and Oscar has been such a good boy all day, even better! Put your snuggly coats on, mittens and scarfs and go and kick some leaves about or jump in muddy puddles.

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