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Gumigem Bubba Bag £19.95*
Gumigem Cat pendant Salem £12.95*

Hello lovelies, so I was very kindly given some products by the brand Gumigem not that long ago, we have put them to the test well more importantly baby Lawson has put them to the test! He has no teeth yet but he is forever putting his fingers in his mouth so it can't be that far of now before some cute little toothy pegs come through. I absolutely love the idea of the 'gumi' bag, Lawson is starting to get really good at grabbing things and placing them from one hand to the other, the keys are his favourite! Oscar loved the phone, he was walking around the house calling nana aha so it entertains all ages of children.

The cat necklace is also a perfect idea! Lawson is always grabbing my hair/necklace/chest or whatever he can grab so this is amazing not only for him to soothe his gums of teeth that are coming through but for entertainment value also. He can tug at this necklace to his hearts content and get all his slobber on it other than my clothes. I chose the black one as I think it will be easier to go with most outfits, yes I'm totally cool with me cat woman like necklace, I know you'll all want one even if you haven't got a child! 

The bubba bag is super cute and as I said it entertains from birth up to toddler years, Oscar loved carrying the bag around and putting things in it, it's also useful and easier to take to other people's houses with the handy little bag. I am always forgetting to take entertainment with me when I go to friends or families houses so it's super useful, both of my children love it and they also do a range of bangles for older children, stylish and great for your teeth! 

I will defiantly be recommending this brand to my friends who have just had a baby or with one on the way, babies go through such a tough time with teething I really think these will help massively, the cat pendant has a smooth side and the other side has raised nubs for really getting in there on the gums for babies who want to chew on things like that, they will really benefit from it. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to trial these out my sons love the products. Thanks again Gumigem. 

Have you tried Gumigem products for your babies before or what are your best teething solutions?

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