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My favorite beauty products under five pounds.

Hello lovelies, I have today for you all my favorite beauty picks from make-up, skincare and hair care for under five pounds! Bargain loves, who doesn't love a bargain?

A couple of skin care favorites of mine under £5.

Sudocrem - This product is so underrated not only is it amazing for my sons nappy rash but its also good for facial rashes or in my case helping healing spot scars and healing process of a spot. If I've been messing with a spot, yes naughty me all yell at your screens and its sore or really red I put some of this on before I go to bed and the next morning it just looks a whole lot better and smoothes it out the only down fall is it is smeared all over my pillow! I hate the consistency of this product but it really does help. I got this for around £4 in Home bargains it is abit more in boots and places like that so look out for it in Home bargains. 

Santa's Lip Scrub - Just over £5 by a few pennies but well worth it. Smells absolutely amazing and tastes lush. A pretty red sugar scrub with cute little hearts in that exfoliates your lips whilst tasting yummy! Really helped my dry lips out and whats better than a lip scrub than being able to eat it also?

Loreal Micellar Water - My staple product of all time! I loved Bioderma so much I really didn't think anything would come close to it but this really has! Also so affordable, if you don't want to spend quite a bit on a micellar water I couldn't recommend this enough to you. I have sensitve eyes and this doesn't effect them at all! I soak a cotton pad in the stuff and it wipes away everything even water proof stubborn mascara. At the moment this is like under £2.50 in Tescos! But usually it is around £4 at the most in Boots and Superdrug. I just love this product, I have recently bought the Garnier one to try out and I might do a post comparing them, if there is anything to compare. But yeah you all need this.

Favorite nail varnishes under a fiver!

Models Own - This one is actually my favorite shade out of the Models own nail varnishes I own the scented ones in Strawberry Tart. The only thing that actually smells is the packaging the nail varnish doesn't smell of strawberry's sadly. It's just a gorgeous pastel pink lasts around 3 days and just under £5.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shines - These aren't my favorite colours as I love them all! I just love the formula of these varnishes. Thick, glossy, long lasting and a range of gorgeous colours. Only £3.99 I have nearly all the shades I love them so much.

A couple of my favorite lipsticks under five pounds.

Sleek Pout Paint - These are amazing for £4.99 one has already been on my #bloguary posts 'Mauve Over' and a peach orange shade 'Minx' even more amazing about these that they mix to make another colour! That's why there called pout paints. These two make the most perfect pink that I LOVE so much. I really want them all to make my own lip shades I just think its really fun and creative. Nothing like any other lipsticks out there great value for what you get. Hygenic if a friend/relative fancy's trying it out as there not rubbing it over there lips. Just remember to shake well as they are watery when you first squeeze it out the tube. Highly recommend these beauty's.

MUA Lipstick - The best lipstick your going to get for a pound! Lovely formula and smells just like Mac ones. Last a good couple of hours, you get two for the price of one also as you have a lipstick and the little bit underneath is a gloss to apply on top and I love this as you can see what colour it is when your searching without taking all the lids of. They glide on lovely and look glossy on the lips.

This is the colour the Sleek Pout Paints make together, how gorgeous, Mauve over you minx!

Favorite eye shadows under a fiver,

MUA Palettes - All these shades for £4 each! Yeah bargain. I find the shimmery shades are more pigmented than the matte ones. I have palettes here Undressed and Undress me 2, alot of people say there Urban Decay dupes... in colour's only! No way near as pigmented but that's the difference from £4 to £36. There pigmented enough though for a wash of colour on your lids with a little extra long lasting with some good eyelid primer. I love MUA products so cheap and cheerful they don't brake the bank and great for building up your make up collection.

Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo's - I adore these so much, the best £4.99 I have ever spent on an eye product. These two are actually my favorite shades too. On and On Bronze a perfect bronze for a gorgeous smoky eye colour. These look amazing on there own or a great base to keep your eye shadows stay put for longer. I like wearing mine alone especially Pink gold it is a gorgeous champagne colour that's just enough subtle colour for an every day look for work or coffee with friends etc. Really been loving this shade for a while now and wearing it all the time. You really should check these baby's out affordable, pigmented, long lasting and feel lovely and creamy on the lids.

Great hair products I love under five pounds.

Tresemme Ultimat Hold Hairspray - Cheating again just over the £5 by about 25 pence but it is a HUGE bottle. This has lasted me months! I am only starting to run out now and its lasted me so so long. I'm not a huge hairspray lover but I do love this one as it doesn't feel like your typical 'stiff' hairspray. It is so gentle on your hair and feather light it doesn't feel like you have hair spray on. It brushes out so easily but holds greatly! I love it so much because it doesn't feel like you have hairspray in as I'm not a fan of them but with me having shorter hair now I need it for volume and to stay in place.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protectant Spray - A Tresemme theme here? I love me some Tresemme there just faultless.  With me having my hair cut short there isn't too much I can do with it so I do straighten it a lot so I obviously need some protection. I have loved this it has helped with split ends etc and smells gorgeous. It is also only £2.75 in Boots, I'm loving this it seems to be helping and I will defo repurchase when I run out.

Gorgeous blushes under five pounds,

Elf Baked Blush - The only annoying thing about this blush is it hasn't got the shade colour on the product? But I think after searching the elf website it is Rich rose. They look very similar to the Mac Mineralize skin finishes. It is a gorgeous rose shade with shimmer running through so I would wear this personally with out highlighter. Only £3.75 and such a gorgeous blush can be very subtle or built up to be a full coverage blusher depending on the look your going for. 

Natural Collection Blush - Hit pan on this, its such a pretty pink blush to make your cheeks rosy and wonderful. Natural collection can be underrated with some of there products. I really rate there blushers. For only £1.99 you really can't go wrong you can see how much I love it, this is in the shade Pink cloud. They have a range of beautiful colours for every skin tone to suit. Again can be sheer and built up to a fuller coverage.

Then lastly my other favorites under five pounds.

Along with every other beauty blogger out there ofcourse the Collection Concealer - I have these in shades 2 and 3 I use 2 in the inner corners and three just after to brighten up my eyes and take away the bags! These cover up spots/blemishes so well aswell just an amazing full coverage concealer that is super cheap at just over £4. I'm sure you all know about this product as everyone and there dog have got it...

MUA Pro -Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit - I really really love this brow kit! It's no HD brow set but I friggin love it. So cheap at £3.50 where you get two shades for the brows an under brow shade and a gel to hold them into place. I don't use the shade for under the brows as it's quite dark for me but I love the darkest shade for my brows it suits them so well and I don't really use the gel either as this stays put all day and night without it on me. This also comes with a mini pair of tweezers and an applicator but I use my own so I have thrown these into a make up bag in case I need them whilst I'm out as there handy. 

Are any of these products your favorites?


  1. Great picks, a lot of these are my favourites too. I love the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polishes I need to pick up some more colours soon x

  2. Fabulous post, I have nominated you the liebster award over on my blog http://beautyiiao.weebly.com/2/post/2014/01/the-liebster-award.html please accept and best of luck x

  3. Haha I find it so funny when dupes make it completely obvious what they're copying.. naked and undressed! Lovely posts :) xx

  4. So many of my favourites in this post. Completely agree that Natural Collection products are underrated. I love their blush in the shade Dusky Pink. xx


  5. There are so many great picks here! I love the belly hi shine polishes and the l'oreal micellar water is so impressive considering its price!

    Great blog by the way, Now following!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic



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