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A month of lipsticks, January 8th 2013.

Hello lovelies, mid week where everyone gets excited for the weekend as its soon upon us. What are your plans for this weekend? I work every Saturday now but thats all good because its only the morning shift then get back to my family not too sure what I'm doing this weekend as my partner is working away and don't know if hes home Saturday or Sunday but we shall see, back to another lipstick post. I have raved about this so much without further a do behold the most gorgeous lip crayon EVER.

Nars Lip Crayon - Cruella

You have probably seen this on my blog more than once already and know how much I adore it, A gorgeous matte red lip crayon that lasts for hours. A deep red that is super pigmented. Your lips just look amazing after applying it. The lip crayon that converted me from a non red wearer to a red lipstick lover. If it can make me love reds on my lips honestly it can make you too.

I only have one down fall and that is that it clings to your dry patches but most matte lipsticks do too, you just have to prep them with lots of lip balm and your ready to hit the town, shops etc. I also love the packaging of these so sleek and sultry. I got mine in a set Nars Lip Coffret  every single one of them are beautiful but this one has to be my favorite by far.

Here is a hand swatchy...

Did you manage to get your hands on the Nars Lip coffret? If not do you own a Nars lip crayon, I would highly recommend them. 


  1. The only Nars lip crayon I own is a Satin lip crayon, because I look awful with matte lips! This is a beautiful colour though, i wonder if they do a similar one in the Satin? x x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. I love the look of that Nars crayon! Have been looking at buying one for a while now and that colour looks amazing!! Lovely post and a lovely blog!



  3. I haven't actually tried anything by NARS but I would love to try one of their lip crayons. Maybe not a matte one as matte doesn't work so well with my lips but they do do other finishes don't they x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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