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A month of lipsticks, January 7th 2013

Hello lovelies, cutting it a bit finely but just squeezing my lipstick post in before the day is over.

MUA - Shade 16

Pretty much the best darn lipstick your going to get for a pound! Yeah a measly pound. You would think wow a lipstick for a pound that's going to be completely rubbish but you couldn't be more wrong. I have several MUA lipsticks and there all great aswell as the rest of there make up well most of it anyway. But I'll tell you about them another time we shall stick with there lipsticks. They smell just like Macs vanilla and sweet, yum.

A creme sheen effect that goes on your lips glossy and smoothly. For a pound the pigmentation is pretty good also some shades are better than others. This shade is an orange peachy colour. They last a couple of hours and the packaging is pretty basic but I like it. I also love the fact you can see the shade from the bottom which makes it easier when searching for a lipstick aaaaand the bit at the bottom actually comes off! You can use it as a little balm super cute and handy. I love MUA lipsticks and couldn't recommend them any more to you, go on treat yourself and pick one up tomorrow! I got mine from Superdrug you will find a stand full of shades the only down fall is they don't have colours on just shade... which is a let down for me but what do you want for a pound? I do think they have named some newer ones though but I'm not 100% on that.

Here it is swatched on my hand.

Lovely and glossy and super cheap! Do you own any MUA lipsticks?


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  2. I haven't tried their lipsticks yet! Love this shade though.

    Claire x|Claire does beauty


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