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What we did on Sunday.

Hello lovelies, as my partners working away all week and I work Saturday mornings we only really get family time on Sunday's at the moment so thought it would be nice to share with you all what we've been doing. 

Firstly Dan decided to play football in the morning for his team so me and Oscar turned the living room into a big play room. I took of all the sofa cushions and lined them on the floor so we could crawl from sofa to sofa and Oscar went through his tunnel. Do you remember as a child playing that game where you can't touch the burning lava or drown in the deep sea (the carpet) don't lie, you know you did. Dan finally come home covered in mud! I suggested he got in the bath quickly! He called me in after ten minutes with a message on his leg saying I Love you, you can see it on my twitter haha bless him.

We then had a light lunch at home Oscar had had his nap and as the weather was nice so we thought we would take him to the park as we went to a soft play centre the Sunday before. Oscar has been walking for a few weeks now but we hadn't really tried him outside so we got some reigns and experimented in the park. He did really well considering. 

Is it just me or is Dan seriously posing here? Haha.

We fed the duckys.

He loved the rabbits, he wouldn't move from here for ages.

Woops, the sun was blaring.

He loves the swings.

My favorite picture of the day, loves his Daddy.

Dan; 'My ass is way too fat for this'

Love our family days.

He always seems to fail at a sensible/nice picture, always pulling silly faces.

Then it was time to walk back to the car.

After our lovely day in the park we made a picnic in the living room and all sat together watching films, had a tidy up (even Oscar helps tidy) and relaxed. Really enjoyed our Sunday together and look forward to next week. Hate Dan working away but makes our Sunday's extra special. Love my family so much x

What do you do on a Sunday?


  1. This is so cute, love the picture of the three of you! xx

  2. Aw lovely photos, the one of Oscar on Dan's shoulder where they're both looking at you is such a nice one! :)
    Sounds like a fab family day :D

    Jess xo

    1. Thanks babe, there so photogenic haha!! It was :) Really enjoy our family time xx


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