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A month of lipsticks, January 12th 2013

Hello again lovelies, two posts today for you lucky lot aha, here's the 12th lipstick post just in time for me to watch CBB anyone else watching it or do you think I'm sad ha!!

Rimmel Moisture Renew - Soft Coral

I love a Rimmel lipstick, there affordable near the £5 mark or just a couple of pounds over. I love the formula and packagain. Sleek, pretty and eye catching. As you may have guessed smells to products to... Weirdly as it sounds when I smell this lipstick it brings back memories of the smell of my mums lipsticks when she used to get ready for a night out. Yeah I'm the weird kid who smelt lipsticks when I was about 10/12 too, shh. But it does it reminds me growing up and my mum getting all dressed up which may be weird but quite nice too.

It's a beautiful Coral with a hint of peach to it very shimmery so I tend to just wear this of a night I have more it in the summer in the say time but I'm not a fan of shimmery lipsticks in the day can look abit too much sometimes but whatever floats your boat. A friend of mine said this was a gorgeous colour and said it's similar to a Chanel lipstick she owns but I'm sorry I can't remember the name for the life of me so that's a good thing!

The lipstick lasts a good couple of hours and looks gorgeous glistening with all the shimmer particles infused in the lipstick. Super pretty colour and would look gorgeous on any skin tone/shade. 

What's your favorite Rimmel lipstick?

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