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A month of lipsticks, January 29th 2013.

Hello lovelies, mid week anyone itching for the weekend yet? I'm more happier as Dan is coming home Friday instead of Saturday night woo. So need to do as much blogging as I can before I get to spend the weekend with my family. I have one more lipstick post for you today then I will be posting my lipstick collection tomorrow including some lip glosses then excited to show you the last day of the month some of my lovely readers have joined in and posting about there favorite lipsticks! But for your last lipstick post...

Elf Studio Matte Lip Colour - Natural 

I love Elf products as they are affordable and some great products. This however isn't amazing but it's ok. It is quite drying so you would need to prepare your lips with a lot of lip balm. However I love the colour and the packaging. The slim black pen with the colour at the bottom makes it easy to reach in your make up bag for the colour you want without taking the lid off.

If you can see here it is drying on my lips and clings to my driest patches. The colour is your lips but better colour and it does last a good few hours. You just draw it on your lips and fill in, you wouldn't need a lip liner with this colour. It is also very pigmented for such an affordable price.

I think this colour would suit anyone so versatile and great if your a neutral lover. 

Do you own one of Elf's matte lip crayons?


  1. I've only ever tried one of ELFs lip products and I wasn't too impressed. It was one of the cheaper ones but I was so tempted by the colour. I like the look of this pen though, again, it's another great colour and it would look great with a gloss on top which would help with the drying!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    1. Yes defo recommend a gloss on top would make it look gorgeous!
      They have some lovely colours in the matte pencils hunny.

  2. I really don't like matte lipsticks, but this one really appeals to me. I think it's just the perfect "nude" colour without being too dull. I love my bright lipsticks haha. I really need to try ELF. I've yet to purchase anything from them. Going to be so sad when this month is over! :(

    Kerry x

  3. I have this one. I like how it's subtle but definitely is too drying by itself.

  4. I've got these in the tea rose colour and the red one. I love both of them. In particular the tea rose one. It's such a lovely colour for daytime. And I think it would look good on everyone as it's a dusky nude pink. Defo recommend these elf lip pencils! Kal x


  5. I'm not a massive fan of lip crayons as I find them really drying generally (I know you mentioned this one is). For the price though, I might try it as the colour looks fab x


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