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A month of lipsticks, January 28th 2013.

Hello lovelies, not long left of the month of lipsticks now and I have another for you red lipstick lovers out there.

Yves Rocher - Framboise

This is such a sultry, beautiful red that instantly makes you look elegant, sexy and sophisticated. It is a super glossy pigmented red that swipes on to the lips beautifully.

They just make your lips shine, pop and give you confidence. You will understand if you get that feeling when you put on your favorite lipstick or a bold colour. Anyone can pull of a red lipstick, don't be afraid! I used to be so scared of red lipsticks and just thought no they really don't suit me but some do! You just have to find the right shade with your complexion unless your just a brave individual that can pull of any colour then you go glen co co! 

With Valentines coming up soon I think this lipstick will have all the boys falling at your feet and wanting to pucker up. The scents quite nice, It is quite a darker red but it's looking quite bright on the pictures. I love this lipstick and think I got it in some sort of beauty box but I'm not 100% I think this red would suit any complexion its such a strong red and vibrant.

Which is your favorite red lipstick?

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