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A month of lipsticks, January 21st 2013

Hello lovelies, feeling better now Mondays over? Here's your daily lipstick post.

Nars Lip Crayon - Never Say Never

Really into my Nars Lip Crayons at the minute, loving my matte finishes. Obviously Cruella is my favorite but this is a gorgeous pink shade. Are you all singing Justin Bieber now haha?

These crayons are so handy, small enough to fit anywhere, long lasting and come in a gorgeous array of shades. The best thing I have ever bought from Nars so far is the Promiscuous Lip Pencil Coffret . I want to get even more shades and try the satin ones.

It almost has a purple tint to it, they are quite drying and cling to dry patches but you just have to balm your lips up. I really recommend these lip crayons there beautiful.

Do you own a Nars Lip Crayon?


  1. This is a lovely colour! I haven't tried anything by Nars, I've decided this year is the year I'm going to treat myself to something!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. I have been dying to try these. Love the color! Oh pay day hurry up.


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