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My Winter Lip Saviours.

Hello lovelies, its getting bitterly cold and my lips hate this time of the year. They get very chapped and a little sore so I need to protect them before it happens again this year. I used to be pretty lazy and bad with using lip balms even if there the most easiest part of any routine?! I don't know why I never used to bother with them to be honest, but that's all changed now I have for you three of my favorite lip products to keep my lips smooth, kissable and looking guuuurd. 

Firstly I start with my Lip scrub! Every one needs this in there life to exfoliate your lips in preparation for your choice of balm. My chosen Lip Balm is,

 Santa's Lip Scrub from LUSH 

I love everything about this product. Colour, scent, taste and the job it does! You rub this onto your lips and can lick away whats left, its a gorgeous cola flavour lip scrub especially for Christmas. Yummy, the cola truck makes it Christmas for me, yeah I'm one of them people that as soon as the adverts on I'm like It's Christmassssss. So yeah, once you have licked away the access you can go in again and do it once more or leave it at that. For extra exfoliation I sometimes like to use a tooth brush to gently rub it in more, it exfoliates your lips beautifully and leaves them feeling polished and new. It smells divine I just want to eat the whole tub, in this lip scrub it also has tiny love hearts inside to make it extra cute and girly. The gritty texture really rubs in well and gives you a gorgeous finish. If you would also like to add this to your routine you can find it here.

If I've done this at the night time I then use this,

 Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden 

This is a skin protectant that I love to lather all over my lips over night as I think this is far too thick for the day, It soaks into my lips lovely over night and still some product there once I awake also. It is an orange sticky texture but not as gross as I'm explaining. I'm not very keen on the scent but that's a personal preference. You can use this on any dry areas so its an all rounder winter product but I just use this for my lips and this mini is perfect for my make up bag if I'm stopping out etc. I do really need a bigger bottle for my bed side table, I love it so much it really helps my lips out when there having a lot of bother, its rich and very nourishing. My boyfriend hates me with this smothered all over my lips because he said I'm all sticky and refuses to pucker up haha, oh well he won't be complaining when my lips are luscious and his are chapped then it will be me refusing to pucker up. You can find this here.

My choice of a day time Lip Balm is this, 

Cherry Blossom Lip Balm by Figs & Rouge

I love Figs & Rouge lip products and that there 100% natural and 100% pure. I have actually come across a couple of spots on my lips which I found SO odd, I have never had spots on my lips in my life, anybody know how I can get rid of them? There very painful to pop, I know gross but I cant help myself. I thought with this being natural and pure it won't make my lips any worse. This Lip balm is tinted which I also love that if you don't feel like wearing a lipstick you can get away with this sheer subtle red/cherry shade. The scent of cherry's is amazing too its very nourishing and soothing. They do gorgeous packaging also, i adored my little tin lip balm I had from them but this one is pretty also and a screw on lid so its least likely to spill all in your bag. They have some gorgeous new balms out at the moment which I shall be trying once I've ran out of this one but if you do like the look of this one you can find it here. 

Hope this helped you out in some form to keep your lips protected in the cruel weather conditions coming our way. What are your favorite lip saviours?


  1. This is twice now that I have seen a review on the Santa lip scrub! It sounds absolutely delightful and I am anxious to go get some. Alas I am finishing up No Buy November. But I am convinced I need this in my life. The Fig & Rouge sounds great too. Thanks for sharing (◕‿◕✿)

    1. Ahh its so lovely hunny, dont be anxious its a treat for your lips ;) No problem hunny hoped it helped you xx

  2. If I didn't already have the popcorn lip scrub from Lush I'd definitely be picking up the Christmas one but I can't justify having two! I have a little sample of the eight hour cream but I'm not keen on how it feels, it reminds me of petroleum jelly. I'll probably keep that for when I have a really sore nose next time I have a cold! :)

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I didnt like the taste of the popcorn one hunny, but im not a huge fan of salty popcorn. Yeah it is abit like that I didn't like it at first but it helps my lips out so much thats why I apply it before I go to sleep too xx


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