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Our Sunday.

Hello lovelies, I know most people love to chill on a Sunday especially now the cold winter mornings have arrived. Why get out of bed if you don't have to right? Well with a one year old its impossible to have a day in bed. I would love a day in bed but I can't but I do love my family day outs. The weekends the only time we get to have family fun and sometimes my partner does work weekends and has been working very hard lately so we took this Sunday as an opportunity to spend some quality time together. I decided we should take Oscar to the farm, he loves animals and there's lots to do there and there isn't many places you can take a one year old for fun really so I thought this would be the perfect place to go. 

Ashend Farm is in Tamworth/Middleton. Just past Drayton Manor park, it's a lovely little farm full of lots of farm yard animals and little pets. It also has a play barn (a soft play area for the kids). Its just under £1o for a child for the farm and play barn and with that you get to bottle feed goats, stroke most of the farm animals, have a little chick sit on your lap, feed the goats normal food, sit on a pony, find a free egg and go on a very bumpy tractor ride. There is a lovely farm shop there and places to eat and drink. We all had a lovely time especially as Dan didn't think he would he thoroughly enjoyed it. I really want to take a chick back with me they were so adorable and Oscar loved stroking them and all the animals he was laughing his little head of at the goats. I can tell he will be a big animal lover like myself. I had such a lovely day and would really recommend this place to anyone especially with there young kids they would love it there. They had a little toddler play room and lots of activities. We finished the day of with a KFC then films at home. There are lots of pictures for you all to see how much we enjoyed ourselves. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoy our family post.

I am so lucky to have these boys in my life, I love them so much x

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