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Fancy a three-sum?

Hello lovelies, kinky? No not me. A beautiful three-sum eye trio I picked up on my trip to Nuneaton this Monday. I went to Nuneaton with my cousin for his hair course and he asked if I wanted a free cut... Who would turn that offer down right? Also paying for all my travel (which actually he got away with as no one was on the train twice!) Cheeky. But I will go on more about that in my next post. Back to the eye trio.

There was a shop there called Keri-anns in Nuneaton which was basically a cheap cosmetics shop, I loved it in there. It's abit like fragrance direct in shop form. I wanted one of everything but I was quite good. I got a few bits and bobs but thought I would show you this mega bargain I got! This gorgeous eye trio for a whooping ONE POUND! Yeah you heard me a quid. They were selling lots of discontinued products for a pound so I picked this beaut up as I loved the look of it.

Rimmel - Three Sum Eye Trio in 600 Steamy.

Three gorgeous colors that I will most defiantly use, A chocolatey brown, a mustardy gold and a copper color with undertones of red. There not glittery or shimmery but quite a lovely sheen to them. More the copper shade has the sheen to it. This would make a gorgeous smokey eye combo or use them just individually but either way I will be making use out of all the colors as I love all the shades. They are very pigmented and Rimmels eye shadows are usually quite long lasting so I think I will got a long wear out of them but I will let you know how I got on with that. I'm so pleased I went into the shop now though and picked up that amazing offer. It's also in a great compact packaging for your make up bag if your going away for a weekend and don't fancy lugging lots of eye shadows with you, you can have three different looks. I love Rimmel as a brand they are my most favorite cosmetics brand I think so I have high hopes for this.

The child inside me wants to rub them all together, but that would just be very stupid Paige.

Have you tried out a Rimmel ombre effect eye trio? 

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