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Catrice cosmetics.

Hello my lovelies, happy Friday to you all although it will probably be Saturday when you read this so have a lovely weekend. I am sharing with you all today a brand I have never heard of and came across in Spain when I went on my jollies.

Catrice cosmetics 
Has anybody else heard of them?
Well as I was in a beautiful shop full of cosmetics and perfume and came across this, I am loving lip crayons at the minute so I thought why not give it a try so I did. I purchased a Catrice Cosmetics Lip Colour Pen, limited edition in glamazona.

I was drawn to the lovely packaging also, sleek black pen with a leopard print effect around the front of the pen with pretty fine pink detailing over the top. 

To me this smells like vanilla cupcakes, smells good enough to eat not the minty smell you get from some, it is quite subtle as well if your not into sweet smelling scents. It glides over your lips so softly and builds up very pigmented on your lips. Its moisturizing and makes your lips look that little bit more fuller. I picked this colour because I thought it was gorgeous, a beautiful bright fuchsia with a tiny hint of red. It cost around 6 euros so not too much at all and I love it. The woman in the shop told me it was a Spanish brand but I've looked up abit about the brand and I don't think it is but please if you know correct me if I'm wrong but it isn't available in the UK which is a shame because I really wish I brought more now. There was no other brands jumping out at me though to be honest so this was the only make up product I picked up but I'm very happy with it. 

This is the only link I can find to be near enough to the same product lovelies, Catrice.

If there is any lovely international readers out there though who have tried this brand please let me know your thoughts on there products or this particular product, thanks.

Again have a lovely weekend lovelies and don't get too drunk. (I'm just jealous)

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