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Cuffleberry kindly sent me, well Duke a gorgeous hamper full of gourmet goodies! How adorable is the packaging as well as the totally cute hamper, I shall re use this for picnics. 

I actually haven't even introduced my prince on here yet! So we have had Duke now for about half  a year maybe now, it's gone so fast! He has been shipped of to so many different owners, he was even left out in the snow once! Poor thing, I remember my brother texting me a picture saying I've got a Chihuahua and I was like like, what/how/when. My brother works ALOT, the first day he got him he came round with him and said I need to you have him over night I'm working really early next day, I was like SURE because he was adorable, just look at him and we both fell in love with each other! I din't want to let him go from then on, then after having a discussion with my brother mentioning he couldn't possibly have a dog after working all the hours he does he agreed, me and Dan talked a lot as we both have two children, would it be too much? We had a black labrador when Oscar was really little and couldn't cope, luckily Dan's parents had him so we see him all the time, but the size difference! Duke was so much easier to look after, although we had stressful times with incontinence but to be expected when he didn't get the right care! It was getting too much at times when he kept peeing on my fresh sheets, grr but I've persevered because he deserves a forever home. 

Anyway back to the hamper of goodies, Duke is really fussy when it comes to food unless its left overs on mine or the kids plate that is. I have tried so many different brands so was grateful to receive these samples from Cuffleberry to see how he got on with them. As you can see from above he was excited to see if he was going to like them too aha.

Sadly Duke didn't even try it, he put his nose up as per fussy, I left it there for a whole day and a bit and he wouldn't go near it the fusspot! But all is not lost, Alfie the black labrador who is also fussy and only eats dry food absolutely loved it! So pleased, Dan's parents are actually thinking of buying from Cuffleberry now so thats fantastic, they told me he really enjoyed the venison one and also adored the packaging, if only our food came this cute right? 

Can anyone help me with my fussy Chihuahua, have you got a fussy pet?

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