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Hello lovelies, so a couple of weeks ago I was tagged by my lovely friend Kirsty at Kirsty's Cosmetics Beauty Rainbow to answer some questions so here goes...

1. If you had to choose one product you couldn't live without for the rest of your life what would it be?

So hard! I'd probably say fake tan because I am so pale it shows every flaw going, if I had a bit of tan it would hide so much!

2. What is your favourite "go to" blush product?

I am in love with Benefit Hervana, I have been using this for weeks.

3. Do you follow a specific skincare routine either day/ night or both and what products do you use?
I'm not so strict in the morning I use a facial wash, a squirt of toner and some day cream, at the night I alternate products too I haven't got a contract stuck skincare routine yet as you know being a beauty blogger you like trying new things out but I do love LizEarle hot cloth cleanser and The bodyshop Chamomile cleansing balms and oils.

4. What do you think of the current liquid lipstick trend?
Love a liquid lipstick just not the really wet ones and the ones that dry matte always a winner, anything long lasting!

5. Have you discovered any new/ different beauty brands recently? 
My mum actually give me some make up from Me its called, I've never ever heard of it but loving it so far.

6. How to you apply your base products, do you prefer to use your fingers, beauty blender, brush or another applicator?
Always a brush unless I'm in a huge rush I'll just use my hands, I love Real techniques the best.

7. What is your favourite eyeshadow palette, past or present? 
I'd have to say Naked 2, that has got to be my most reached palette you can't go wrong with a nude smoky eye with brown hues.

8. Do you have a nostalgic beauty product that you would always use in your younger years?
Dolce Gabbana Light blue, I'd happily spend all my pocket money on that baby the big bottle! Actually makes me want to go out and buy one now.

9. Your favourite high end product?
Again another toughy, I adore my Nars creamy concealer but Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks too they're just beautiful.

10. What is your favourite eyeliner product and do you have any tips to achieving the perfect winged liner?
Don't ask me about wings, I literally wing them if I even brave to attempt them! But my favourite eyeliner has to be the Rimmel Scandel eyes it has the perfect brush to do a thin or thick liner.

Thanks for the questions Kirsty, I tag these three lovely ladies to answer my own 10 questions Laura, Charlotte and Daisy. 

1. If you had £500 which beauty store would you use it in if you could only pick one?2. Would you rather live without lipstick or eyeshadow forever?3. Three favourite skin care items?4. Three favourite make up brands?5. Which celebrity would inspire you make up wise?6. Which beauty product would you take on a desert Island?7. What would you start with if someone stole your whole make up collection?8. Your favourite eyeshadow palette?9. Are you a go hard or go home at contour like Kim K or just a bronze and go?10. Bright lipstick or Nude?

Thanks lovelies, let me know if you get round to doing my tag, anyone can join in x

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