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Irresistible Me Hair Extensions $149*

Hello lovelies, so the lovely team from Irresistible Me gave me some of their hair extensions to try out, anyone who knows me know I am a hair extension fanatic! Love trying new ones out and adding extra length to my own hair, I am quite lucky that I have naturally a very thick head of hair but it takes forever to grow! So whoever invented hair extensions, I love you, I really do.

These hair extensions are all the way from New York but they arrive super quick and are really affordable, they also have some fantastic deals on at the minute so don't miss out on them! I have got the Silky touch extensions 18 inches, 200 grams of hair in the shade Jet Black. They are 100% Natural Remy hair, the quality is amazing and there is so much hair to work with, it comes with so many pieces! You get a really thick quad strip, four double clips, two 3 clips and two one clip pieces. What I love about their packaging is they give you a little section that you can double check your hair shade is correct before opening the whole thing up and risking sending it back, great service. 

They wash just like you would wash your own hair, you can style these and they really give you a huge confidence boost. I feel like a princess when I have my long hair in swishing it around everywhere, below is a before and after picture and a little selfie, you can see in my blog profile pic the natural length of my hair compared to this one with extensions in. In the before picture my hair length is just after my shoulders then in the after picture as you can see the extensions just sit nicely above my bottom.

I'm super impressed with the quality of these hair extensions, I also noticed they don't knot up as easily as previous brands I have tried which is always a bonus, the curls kept well in them all day for how heavy the hair is, they usually drop out straight away but these lasted a whole day. I have had a lot of compliments and people can't believe it's not real hair when they feel it also. I would definitely go up on the inches next time maybe even try a 24 because I love curling my hair extensions and they go a lot shorter whilst going through this process. I would highly recommend this brand to you, super friendly customer service and there are so many help videos if you are rubbish at applying hair extensions and so many products to choose from. 


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