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Hello lovelies, today I have for you a review of a local nail salon to me. Perfectly Polished ran by Jema Davies in Rugeley, situated above Paul Francs hair salon in Albion street, you can find more about Jema and her business on her Facebook page here.

I had no idea who Jema was just a recommendation from two of my school mum friends who know of her, so this is not a friend review, although I was kindly compensated with beautiful nails for the review it is all honest. 

"I'm a Mom of 4 kids, married. I love spending time with my family and my girlfriends.

I started nails about 4 and a half years ago mobile to fit in around being a mom, I then went into full time office work for a bit but I was missing out on important things with the kids so I decided to open my own nail salon so I will never miss an important date in their lives again. They're not little for long enough to miss out on things in their lives due to work!" - I love this like Jema I always put the kids first and have been very fortunate to be able to not miss anything but not only being a mum of four Jema also runs her own business, mom goals!

Firstly I didn't even realise Paul Francs had an upstairs but Jema has decorated it beautiful, it's fresh with a touch of elegance and simplistic with a little glamour.

Another thing I wanted to get out of was nail extensions, I've been in a vicious circle with false nail extensions since I've had them, they always turn my nails to paper thin and snap so easily so to get my nails back strong again I opted for just a gel nail manicure. As always the hardest decision of your life is picking a nail colour right? So Jema kindly showed me some of her previous work on clients and I fell in love with this nude and glitter combo so opted for that! I just love a nude, who doesn't?

How gorgeous are they? As I'm a newbie to gel nails I asked Jema how long they would last and she said depending on your occupation and if you use your hands a lot day to day then from 7 days to 10, well as a mother of two myself my hands are constantly being used and I was SO surprised that they lasted a good two weeks! Even when we nails were growing out the whole of the nail polish was all in tact, I would highly recommend Perfectly Polished nails to any of my friends and family, Jema is ever so friendly so nice to have a pamper in there and a little chin wag whilst you're at it. I will be going back for sure! What to have next though?

Here are just a handful of Jema's previous work too -

Thank you Jema for giving me gorgeous nails, making me feel glam with even short nails! x


  1. I love that style you picked. Gel nails are my favourite. Lovely post x


    1. Thank you lovely! Gel nails for life now haha xx

  2. This colour combination is so pretty, I'll definitely be recreating it with my gel lamp at home! Jema did such a good job too, they're beautifully neat xx

    Lyd - whatlyddid.com


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