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Hello lovelies, I thought I would get back into the blogging swing of things with a well over due beauty post! Bigging up this amazing cleanser from L'Oreal. 

It's not just me is it? L'Oreal are killing it with their skincare lines?! My bathroom is so stocked up with L'Oreal goodies recently. I've always wanted to get to a stage where I'm like Ok thats enough trying a million products out now lets just stick to one brand/thing in particular. 

This is hands down one of my favourite cleansers now, alongside my trusty Body Shop cleansing oil and balm. It is so rich and creamy and smells light but lovely and fresh, it is a dream to take my make up off, even my stubborn mascara! It feels so gentle on my skin, I have combination skin but this has worked wonders on my dry areas of my face, it has made my dry areas feel more hydrated and supple and always leaves my skin feeling as soft as a baby's bum once I've used it. 

I love the pretty pink packaging, I have gone on to buying the daily facial wash alongside this in the fine flowers range and love it for a quick morning rinse, this is a staple in my night time routine now though the first cleanser I use to strip me bare without feeling like it's taking my skin off at the same time, just ridding it from the dirt and chaos of the day. 

I couldn't recommend this enough to you for an affordable cleanser to add to your beauty routine if you like quick easy make up removal after a long day and want your skin to reap the benefits, because girl/boy let me tell you a wet wipe won't leave your skin feeling good after a quick wipe! As this will and then some. I've used this down to the last dribs and drabs of the tub and will one million percent be repurchasing this, I'm just hoping it is still on offer in Boots at the moment!

I've also just recently bought the new L'Oreal sugar scrub so look out for a review on that, it should be a good one! I'm loving it so far, in love with L'Oreal at the minute, incase you couldn't already tell? 

Do you have any L'Oreal skin care favourites I need to know about or drugstore staples?

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  1. I LOVE cleansers that don't need lots of faffing about, I don't always want to massage or hot cloth cleanse, I just want to sweep it on and rinse off all the grime! This sounds perfect for that, and it's great that you get so much in a tub xx

    Lyd - whatlyddid.com


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